Minor Revision Visibility

Marc A Jeeves

Minor Revision Visibility

In CATIA V6 on the platform you can enable minor revisions however when I load an assembly I will not see the latest minor revision until its released.

I understand this since you don't want other people seeing a minor change until its released but the designer needs to see the latest minor.  Is there a way that the designer can see 'MyLatest' vs Latest in 3DX?




RE: Minor Revision Visibility
(in response to Marc A Jeeves)

Hello Marc,

Latest Released Minor revision of a 3dpart is always called under VPMReferences due to "is best so far" triggers.

This calling method is automatic and permanent. Until triggers are deactivated.

To see the minor revisions other than Released state , you could temporarily call any minor revision under Assemby Design module. Steps are below;

- In the 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA V6, open a VPMReference with "Assembly Design" module.

- Select the sub-component you want to call minor revision of and right click. (Data type can be 3DPart, Physical Product, Shared Drawing, Shared 3DShape, maybe some other I don't know yet.)

- Select "Replace" and then either "Overload latest minor revision" or "Overload Minor Revision".

Note: This call is not permanent, so when you close the assembly window, latest "Released" minor revisions should be called again. 

Note: In terms of "seing 'MyLatest' vs Latest in 3DX", as far as i know there is no filter for Latest Revisions of current logged in user, we are just able to call Latest Revisions generally.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

Akın Sanlı