About COE

COE Academic Foundation 

COE's Academic Foundation provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships for tuition and conference attendance to the best and brightest engineering students internationally. 

The COE Academic Program, funded by the COE Foundation, provides a forum for Dassault Systèmes users from schools and universities to organize as one voice to Dassault Systèmes on product development and service topics, network to develop relationships that help both personally and professionally, and enable students, professors, and industry professionals to learn from shared experiences. 

Download our Academic Foundation Donor Kit to learn more about the COE Academic Foundation.

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COE Academic Foundation value for Members

  • Educational, networking, and collaboration opportunities with today's top engineering students 
  • On-site recruiting opportunities at COExperience
  • Foster growth and education opportunities for student users of Dassault Systèmes products
  • Corporate members can help support the COE Academic Foundation through individual donations, or by adding  a donation to Corporate Membership dues

Academic Community value for Students

  • Scholarship opportunities for tuition and sponsored travel and accommodations at COExperience
    • Download the application to participate here
  • Chance to network with users in many different industries and make connections for future career building
  • Experience presenting your academic work in a professional setting
  • Exposure of your academic work to leaders within industry

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