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COE 3DEXPERIENCE Discovery Panel

Taking a test drive

COE members gain invaluable hands-on training with 3DEXPERIENCE through the COE Discovery Panel. The panel provides an opportunity to fully engage the software – to better understand its functionality and service – without spending the time and resources to setup your own environment and obtain licenses.

Hear more from COE board member and Manager, Configuration Management Systems at GE Power, Greg Brock, by reading the latest NewsNet update

Discovery Panel Quote

The 2017 panel is taking a revised approach with a more focused effort and a smaller group of “discoverers”, inclusive of:

  • Analysis Engineer
  • Change Coordinator
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Requirements Manager
  • Systems Engineer

The panel expects to share results in December 2017. 

2015/2016 3DExperience Discovery Panel

The 3D Experience Discovery Panel teams will deep-dive into the two main areas of design/analysis/process and numerical control, taking a design from concept, through manufacturing to a full production model. This will be accomplished while using a completely new interface/environment that comes with 3DExperience15x, recently released by Dassault Systèmes.

3DExperience Design: This is a continuation of the V6 Discovery Panel conducted last year. The emphasis last year was to see what takes for a V5 user to get up to speed using V6. The 3D Experience Discovery Panel is designed to be all encompassing. The panel will leverage the wind turbine, designed last year, to harness the modules in V5R2015X, in a cloud environment. The goal here will be to take a design from concept, to a full production model. Even though collaboration will be a big focus of the Panel, other import business sectors are not neglected. Supply chain, planning, shop floor, technical documents, and additive manufacturing, are all within the scope of the panel. This will be accomplished while using a completely new interface/environment, that comes with V5R62015X

Keith Horton, The Nordam Group
Phil Harrison, LionHeart Solutions Inc
Jim Strawn, Textron
Pamela Manzer, The Boeing Company
Mike Mckown, Textron Aviation
Jason Hall, The Nordam Group
David White, The Nordam Group
Eric Marazzi, Goodyear Tire & Rubber
Philip Barna, Aero Pacific Corp.
Ray Anderson, Airbus
Joe Costa, Costa Consulting

Kevin Waugh, LionHeart Solutions Inc. 
Kim Autry, Lockheed Martin
Pasquale Dell’Aquila, Ex-Idex
Chris Delwiche, Ohio University
Paul Kovacs, Aisin Technical Center of America
Rick Marickovich, Textron Aviation
Eric Neuville, Pratt & Whitney Canada
Jeff Roark, Yanfeng
Tim Suhr, Boeing
Gary Anderson, Cessna

Numerical Control: Last Year’s V6 Discovery Panel provided an opportunity for NC. The scope of that project did not provide the time, nor the depth needed to cover a module as important as NC. This is a very import module to the COE membership, and it warranted a panel of its own. This would allow the team to perform the deep dive needed to give this important topic the justification it deserves. 

Keith Horton, Nordam
Phil Harrison, LionHeart Soltutions Inc.
Dr. David Aber, Independent
Dave Frank, Aerospace Dynamics International
Sean Fry, Gulfstream
Patrick Hachey, Apex Industries
Rodney Reeves, Apex Industries
Samarinder Singh, Cutpath

The Discovery Panel will report the results of their independent analysis of the 3D Experience to COE members in early 2016. To build the most informed discussion and make this report a true indication of what companies are interested in hearing about, please submit your own questions or areas you would like the Discovery Panel teams to consider to Keith Horton Ex) How will my licensing in V6 change in 3D Experience?

2014/2015 V6 Discovery Panel

The goal of this project was to create a virtual company inside the COE organization to enable users to provide feedback on their experience using the latest technology that may not be available to them in their workplace.  The panel consisted of COE members from various companies, and industries; panel members were located throughout the United States and Canada.  The virtual company was designed to mimic a typical company with various roles and responsibilities.  

It was assumed that none of the panel members had prior V6 experience.  The panel wanted to measure/evaluate how difficult it would be for an experienced V5 user to make the leap to V6.  The following pages provide a brief summary from each of the various disciplines that participated in the project.

The project assigned to the panel was not to create a working product, but to leverage the expertise of his/her knowledge of V5, and to contrast it with the new functionality and processes contained within the V6 environment.  

Download the White Paper Here  

2014 Discovery Panel Members

Ray Anderson, Textron Aviation
Daryl Beebe, Parker Hannifin Corporation
Emmanuel Boivin-Moreau, Hydro-Quebec
Thomas Alexander Brown, The Boeing Company
Greg J Cicio, The Boeing Company
Mike Clare, The Boeing Company,
Tom Crume, The Boeing Company
Pasquale Dell'Aquila
Bob Deragisch, Parker Hannifin Corporation
Mitch Everly, Great Dane Trailers
Brian Farmer, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Nicolas Faure, Dassault Systems
Jennifer Frady, Great Dane Trailers
Omar Garcia, Parker Hannifin Corporation
Rolando Garza, Teco-Westinghouse
Vince Gattola, Snc Lavalin
Jimmy Hancock, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Phil Harrison, LionHeart Solutions Inc
Jeffrey Heath, Dassault Systemes
Keith Horton, Nordam Group
Mike Jahadi, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Roger Joyal, Textron Aviation
Evangelos Katsinos, UTC Aerospace Systems
Colleen Kennedy, Oregon Institute of Technology
Barry Langston, Dassault Systemes
John Latva, Greenville Tool & Die
Vincent Levesque, Hydro-Quebec
Rick Marickovich, Beechcraft Corporation
Amanda Martin, Bell Helicopter
Michael Mckown, Textron Aviation
Scott Pokriefka, Dassault Systemes
Gary Richardson, Bausch + Lomb
Scott Schieferdecker, The Boeing Company
Ove Schuett, Dassault Systemes
Samarinder Singh, CUTPATH
Cliff Smith, Nordam Group
Bryan Spellman, Parker Hannifin Corporation
Jim Strawn, Textron Aviation
Timothy Suhr, The Boeing Company
Graeme Walker, UTC Aerospace Systems