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Volunteer Outing 2015Join over 50 volunteers in a range of exciting and career-enhancing ways to become active in COE and to make a difference across the organization. Get involved! Get experience!

If you are interested in volunteering within one of the current communities or filling one of the open positions, please contact COE Headquarters via email at coe@coe.org or by phone at (312) 321-5153.  You can also submit your interest via a form sent directly to COE Headquarters.

COE Committees

Membership & Marketing Committee (MMC)

Join the COE Membership & Marketing Committee to help spread the word about COE and to build your association’s membership rolls. Any and all aspects of membership development are open to your talents, interests and contributions. 

Read a full description of duties involved in the membership and marketing committee.

NewsNet Newsletter Editorial Committee

COE members are needed to help our marketing team review and suggest strong story ideas for insightful articles as well as regular COE News columns and features for the bi-monthly newsletter, the COE NewsNet.  Industry articles are produced each month so you don’t have to chase the content.  Just sign up for the Editorial Committee and help determine the editorial calendar, proofread the newsletter before publication, and generally ensure it is a useful publication. 

Read a full description of duties  involved in the NewsNet editorital committee.

Leadership Management Committee

Participate with six other user members to help solicit and vet potential Board of Directors and Committee volunteers.  You may nominate yourself for a Board or Committee position or recommend fellow members as candidates.  You can submit your interest via a form sent directly to COE Headquarters.

Product and Process Committees

Educational content for COE’s Annual Conference and Year-Round deliverables is gathered and inspired through the Product and Process Committee members.  Collect case studies, resource pieces, lessons learned, best practices, and package content for delivery through COE’s Annual Conference, Ask the Expert Webinars, and on-line portal. 

Read a full description of duties  involved in the product and process committees.

Conference Planning

From content planning to entertainment, from speakers to optional activities, the Conference Planning Committee’s charge is to maintain and improve the high quality of COE’s Annual Conference for the dissemination of knowledge and networking. Work with various subcommittees on specific tasks including: General Session and Keynote Address Presenters; Training Session Presenters and logistics; Training Workshops; Networking functions; Academic events; Optional Activities, Contests and Educational Tours.

Read a full description of duties  involved in the conference planning committee.

Vendor Relations

Create a forum for communication between vendors/sponsors and COE to enhance membership value by finding ways to maximize sponsor return on investment in the industry, and allow vendors/sponsors to communicate ideas and issues with COE members who can take action and make changes.  COE membership will benefit through visibility of new products, services and education offered by knowledgeable vendor representatives.

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I'm Interested in Learning More

If you are interested in learning more about one of the positions listed above or about signing up for a position, please CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER.  Submit your name and area of interest, and COE Headquarters will contact you with more information.

Who Are the Current COE Volunteers?

Click here for a link to the list of the current COE volunteers.