A Round of Applause for 2019 COE Award Winners

Our members are among some of the best and brightest in their fields, and their work within COE is no exception. Please join us in honoring members that go above and beyond, helping to set standards of excellence within COE.

B.J. Fries Award of Merit:  In memory of COE volunteer and friend, BJ Fries, this award is conferred annually upon an individual or individuals from a COE member company, who in the judgment of the Honor Awards Committee, has made valued, balanced contributions to COE’s  activities and growth, with a focus on the individual’s accomplishments. This year’s award was given to:

  • Mike ClareCOE President, Systems Engineer – Boeing Research & Technology, The Boeing Company
  • Lee KruegerAssociate Technical fellow, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Bruno Latchague, Senior Executive Vice President, Americas Field Operations, Global Brands and Indirect Channels, Dassault Systèmes



Bill Abramson College of Fellows Award: Noteworthy achievements and contributions to CAD/CAM/CAE/CAx, specifically as they impact Dassault Systèmes suite of products, deserve special recognition. Such special recognition can be furthered by election to the COE College of Fellows. As analysis, design and manufacturing pushes forward, old boundaries are overtaken and new perspectives are important for all members in our profession. Thus, this status of leadership establishes a high level of honor and visibility. In 2015, the COE College of Fellows Award was renamed the Bill Abramson College of Fellows Award in honor of Bill's longstanding contributions and impact on COE. This year’s award was given to:

  • Philippe Laufer, CEO, CATIA, Dassault Systèmes.


3DDerby: The 3DDerby was back for a second year at COExperience in New Orleans. Taking a page from the iconic Pinewood Derby – with a tech-y twist – entrants submitted their 3D car designs to be printed by COE via the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. Competitors used the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform via the cloud to complete the model car within a given design space. The cars were similar in size to Matchbox or Hotwheels cars, and there were two competitions: one for speed and one for style. This year’s award was given to:

  • First place in speed: Dan GalgozySystem Manager, Procter & Gamble


  • First place in style: Tim Ramos, InFlow Technology


Dr. David M. Aber Scholarship Competition: The Dr. David M. Aber Scholarship Competition gives students the opportunity to showcase their work on academic projects involving the Dassault Systèmes suite of solutions to leaders within the industry, plus gain visibility with all conference attendees and the COE Board of Directors. The winner receives a $2,000 academic scholarship and the runner-up receives a $1,000 scholarship.

  • First place for graduate students went to Lance Frazer from the University of Kansas, and runner-up was Patrick Walgren from Texas A&M University


  • First place for undergraduate students went to Atif Saeed, Ryan Tang Dan and Chamathke Perera from Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology


  • The runner-up was Shawan Ejaz from the City College of New York


Best Annual Conference Presentations: Awards were given to the following best presentations from the 2018 COE conference:

  • Product Definition: Wire Harness - Data Rich Design - Neil MartinuzziManager, Lear Automotive
  • Manufacturing: Using a Universal Robot for Painting Simulation in DELMIA – Chelsea E SewellWichita State Univeristy NIAR; Brian BrownDirector, Robotics & Automation, Wichita State University
  • Engineering Analysis & Simulation: C# or VBA / CATIA interactions for non exposed API (Disassemble, reorder tree...) – Eric NeuvilleCATIA Automation Genius, Leko Labs
  • Infrastructure, Develop, Deploy & (Knowledge): Beyond the Basics of CATDUA – Stephen Burton, Gulfstream Aerospace
  • Infrastructure, (Develop, Deploy) & Knowledge: Tips and Techniques for Configuring 3DEXPERIENCE on a single server – Larry ZainoDassault Systèmes Americas
  • Information Management: Demystifying 3DEXPERIENCE – Michael Finorcchiaro
  • COE University: CATIA Generative Shape Design Essentials – James PelkmansSenior Business Partner, Dassault Systèmes; Tyler StapletonDassault Systèmes
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