Academic Program Spotlight With Sari Gerb

The COE Academic Outreach Program provides a forum for Dassault Systèmes users from schools and universities to organize as one voice to collaborate on product development and service topics, network to develop relationships that help both personally and professionally, and learn from shared experiences.

The mission of COE’s Academic Outreach Program is to grow careers in technology. COE promotes the advancement of excellence in all aspects of engineering, engineering technology and design, while providing exposure for innovative student projects and professors’ educational practices at COE’s Annual Conference.

Hear from Academic and Certification Committee Member Sari Gerb from Dassault Systèmes on why she loves being a part of the committee, ideas for getting more students involved and what she sees for the future of the committee.Sari STEM.jpg

COE: Tell us about your background and how you got involved with the Academic Committee and COE, as a whole.

I have been selling Dassault Systèmes solutions for over 30 years. I have a degree in mechanical engineering and am passionate about STEM and helping define the workforce of the future.

During my career selling Dassault Systèmes software, I have worked in the aerospace, automobile, process and petrochemical, shipbuilding, and financial industries. Moving to academia at Dassault Systèmes was a natural progression since academia is a comprehensive view of all engineering industries for lifelong learning.

COE: What’s the best part of being involved in the Academic Committee?

We are a very diverse team, showing unbridled enthusiasm and collaboration to develop COE as an epicenter of integrating industry and its future employees.

COE: What advice would you give to other COE members who are trying to encourage students to get involved in COE?

This is a fabulous opportunity for students to take advantage of. When I went to engineering school 40 years ago, it was strictly academic. These external conferences and summits were not options for students. Stressing others in the industry to take advantage of these unique ways to learn about the industry and focus on personal growth is key. In addition, through connections within COE, students can line up internships and interviews that will take them to the next step in defining their career.

What do you see for the future of the Academic Committee?

The ultimate goal for the Academic Committee is to make COE the epicenter for hiring CATIA-trained and 3DEXPERIENCE-Certified engineering graduates that want to continue their career using Dassault Systèmes solutions. The COE Academic Program is an ideal framework for networking between engineering candidates and others already a part of the industry. Scholars have the opportunity to meet face to face with industry leaders and gain a better understanding of internships and future engineering career paths. We will be able to match skills, interests and desired career locations and hope to make this program a key reason for companies to partner with COE. Our ultimate goal is to collaborate with industry and academia to develop curriculum tantamount to real-life problem-solving scenarios and true industry workflows supporting 3DEXPERIENCE.

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