COE 2018 Annual Experience & TechniFair Recap

Educational sessions on the most pressing topics in the industry, endless networking opportunities, students eager to learn and help shape COE’s future, hands-on learning – this year’s COE Annual Experience & TechniFair, held April 15-18 in San Diego, California, had all of this and more. Hear from COE president Michael Clare what exactly made this year’s event another one for the books.

What did you enjoy most about this year’s event? Did anything stand out more than past years?

As president of COE, this year’s Annual Experience & TechniFair was exciting for many reasons. I was very excited about the new hot topics we built our program around this year. Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Additive Manufacturing are two very hot topics for almost everyone in our represented member companies. The great attendance we had, I have to believe, was based around the relevancy of our program content. The location in San Diego was terrific, being right on the water with beautiful views in the evenings. Plus, the growth of our academic program this year was outstanding, from the record number of e-Poster entries to networking with students from so many diverse institutions. These students are the future of our companies and of COE, and it was a pleasure to have them join us.

What are three key takeaways you received from the event?

There was so much networking that went on in the halls and the exhibit hall. I met a lot of first-time exhibitors and got reacquainted with many of our long term sponsors. We are thankful for all they do to support COE. We introduced a great deal of MBSE content this year, and every time I attended one of those sessions it felt like it was standing room only.

The introduction of the 3DDerby at the TechniFair was very exciting. The fact that we could actually print some of the cars, right there on site, was fun and – more importantly – proof that the technology is a reality.

Finally, one of the most exciting things for me this year was our ability to sponsor students from the Los Angeles area for the day. The came to mingle with our academic sponsoring companies and attend sessions to learn more about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, as well as join us at the TechniFair to learn what our vendors do to support the platform, above and beyond what we can obtain from Dassault Systèmes.

Why should other COE members return next year, or consider going for the first time?

Existing COE members and new members alike should be excited to attend next year’s conference for a number of reasons – the extended training being offered on Sunday afternoons, to all the hands-on training available through COE University. The exposure to how member companies are deploying and using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is invaluable as well as getting to make those contacts at other companies and the corresponding Dassault Systemes focal. Our Round table conversations are also a great way to simply ask those questions that are keeping you up at night. Most of our communities have multiple round tables at each conference.

I would like to invite everyone even thinking about expanding their knowledge of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, or actually implementing the platform at their company, to come to the COE 2019 Annual Experience & TechniFair in New Orleans. Meet the leaders and Community of Experts in your field to better prepare your company for success utilizing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Experience this community of experts and I promise you will go back to your company with more knowledge than you arrived with – and that’s not even including all those new contacts and potentially lifelong friendships.

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