COE 3DEXPERIENCE Discovery Panel Update

From Alex Gioultouridis, COE 3DEXPERIENCE Discovery Panel member


The COE 3DEXPERIENCE Discovery Panel continues to make progress. Following the last update, the project has advanced with baseline design data loaded into the platform and design requirements defined.

The team is currently investigating and working their way through understanding the 3DEXPERIENCE updates to the change process (beginning with the initial release of the design). Taking a CAD-centric approach to managing a design in the platform has introduced new functionality, as well as unexpected behavior.

Highlights include:

  • Requirements created in the platform to address the project objectives
  • Learning the Change process in 3DExperience, including Change Request, Change Order, Change Action, and Impact Analysis
  • B.I. Essentials tools provide color-coded feedback on the live 3D design representations to illustrate their involvement and state in a change process. Users can drill down further to find the associated change objects assigned to specific components, and access the details of the change from within the native apps.

Recommended Considerations:

  • Within an Impact Analysis, include a field (with hyperlink) to the owning Change Action
  • My Changes should display all changes that an individual is a stakeholder of, not just owned change objects
  • Improved connection/usability with the Change Action Owner and Assignee role
  • When adding VPM objects (CAD) to a change object, the platform should include tools to automatically include the child components
  • Include the ability to add a VPM object (CAD) to a Change Request (Note: This could be a configuration setting.)


Below are screenshots as examples of some of our recent work.  






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