COE 3DEXPERIENCE Discovery Panel Kicks the Tires

COE 3DEXPERIENCE Discovery Panel Kicks the Tires

From Valori Zaffino, COE 3DEXPERIENCE Discovery Panel member


Community of Experts of Dassault Systèmes Solutions (COE) has invited industry experts with varying backgrounds to take a test drive of the Dassault Systèmes 2017x 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. It is an amazing opportunity to discover the possibilities of the Platform. We have successfully completed team forming, some training, and by using a Community for product ideation we have chosen a project and are moving into Requirements elicitation.

By using the training material found in the Dassault Systèmes Companion Learning Space we are able to take 3DEXPERIENCE on an extended journey. The goal of the project is to provide feedback on the Platform. We are using the collaborative 3DSwym features of the platform to discuss useful features and opportunities to improve.

To date, we've discussed the following in our Discovery Panel:


  • We like the ability to find all our tools through one interface. 
  • We like the informal collaboration spaces side-by-side with our more formal controls.

Recommended Considerations:

  • A Project Manager needs "Leader & Owner" permissions on the Collaboration Space in order to create a new Project.
  • To use Firefox ESR for Java support in Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Program Schedule assignee view doesn't show assignee as we would prefer. Users have a column heading and tasks have rows. Completed tasks traverse all headings. We'd like to see at a glance who has and has not completed their task.
  • It would be nice to add members to the program and let projects be inherited, or to be able to add a member list to the Project.
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