COE-DS Meetings and the New COE Requirements Database: the Best Way to Get Results

Hi Friends,

Yesterday, We at COE in the NC leadership had a very productive two hour web meeting on the enhancement requirements you the users have entered into the new COE requirements database.  This meeting was with Philippe Girodengo, the Dassault Representative for COE NC programmers.

What was discussed?

In order to see the topics, here is the link to the requirements page. 10 were entered by you and I added another six that have been hot button issues, such as variable depth, Z level, reverse macros, ENOVIA messages. We took the time to be sure each item was clearly understood. In a few cases Philippe requested we COE members create or provide small part and process to clearly show the issue. In many cases, having a process will expedite getting the enhancement delivered to us.

The meetings are now at regular intervals.

Once a year, and the six month interval between COE conferences, we will have this meeting. So twice a year, we have official enhancement rundowns, this web meeting and at COE. And we also have the manufacturing month webinars, which will continue. Philippe made the point that many of the topics have be made crystal clear, by your attendance in those webinars. 

Special thanks to those already participating.

Also we want to thank those that took the time to enter their requirements in to new tool. Ken Duty, Max Pirez, John Latva, Tim Hayden, David Locke. I also want to thank those that took the time to vote, and blog these issues.

Action required by you.

If you are a manager, you will be helping your company get a return for you annual license charge dollars, by doing the following:

  • Adding your old requirements. We don’t care if they date back to V5R1.
  • Adding your new requirements
  • Voting your priorities, on topics others have added.
  • Look at each requirement, and see of you have two or six sense to add.
  • Blogging and embellishing the existing comments, to put forward the best possible info on the requirements.
  • Helping get the enhancement implemented faster with better and more feedback.
  • Volunteer to create small part and process to clearly show the issue.
  • Check that you want emails, when new posts occur on the requirements page.

If you are not a manager, you will also be helping your company get a return for you annual license charge dollars.Taking the initiative, will also help you advance your career by creating measurable results for you efforts, as you can look at CATIA in the future, and see your idea in the functionality. Bell Helicopter is a company whose upper management understands the value in having their people participate in collaboration.

Yes, the COE forum has been on fire lately. A lot of these new topics really need to be entered into requirements database, so everyone can do the above tasks. Your participation will make a difference. If you have started a thread, and it is an important topic, please take the time to enter it in the new tool. This way you can get it under your name, if that matters. When at COE as the Dassault Representative discusses what is new and what is coming, the usually add the submitters name and company on the page. Samarinder and Brian Felsher andJohn Latva, Roger, Steven Beach, all have a lot of honorable mentions at the conferences sessions.  After a while, I will enter important old topics there if no one else does. Hey, as Ronald Reagan said, you can accomplish great things, if you don’t care who gets the credit.  Ha Ha Ha.

Best Regards,

Dave Frank

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