COE Student Q&A with Chelsea Sewell

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It can’t be said enough – students at universities across the country are the future of COE and the industries the organization serves. These students are eager to learn from industry veterans, absorb as much knowledge as possible and gain real-world experience. The ambition and drive of these students is just one reason COE continues to explore academic program offerings. This year, COE and its Corporate sponsors provided conference attendance scholarships to 19 students to participate in the Annual Experience & TechniFair in San Diego and welcome them into the fold.
We spoke with Chelsea Sewell, a junior mechanical engineering student at Wichita State University in Kansas, who attended the Annual Experience & TechniFair on scholarship and received an award for her ePoster project.

Please tell us about yourself, your studies and how you got involved with COE.

I initially became involved with COE through my work at the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University. They really encourage their student workers to make and submit e-Poster projects, and I submitted my first project two years ago. Normally I do a lot of the CATIA design work for our Robotics and Automation lab, but over the course of this year I worked with DELMIA and I wanted to condense it down into an e-Poster.

What were three new things you learned or were surprised by at the Annual Experience & TechniFair?

I was surprised by how many people knew of Wichita. I’m used to traveling and finding the only things people know about Kansas are Dorothy and Toto. I was glad to hear Wichita’s Experiential Engineering Building mentioned in general sessions, to know that the partnership is there and that we have a great group of people around Wichita doing fun things.

My favorite session was learning about the new 2018x features. There will be new workbenches I’m itching to try, especially in the DELMIA areas. I’m already thinking of next year’s e-Poster!

Lastly, I always enjoy talking to experienced engineers. I love hearing the stories about the things they’ve worked on and the ins and outs of working in the industry. I’ve found that if you’re willing to listen, they always have the best advice. That helps when it’s time for me to graduate and enter the workforce!

If you learned something new at the event, how will you apply it to your studies? Did anything help inform your decisions related to career/job search?

I will most certainly apply the new DELMIA features once we get 18x up and running. I want to use all of the product design and workflow management and see how it helps with project management and work flow.

Would you recommend this experience to other students?

Very much so. I’m already thinking of my project for next year, and I’m encouraging the other students I work with to think of their own. I’m personally excited that next year’s COE Annual Experience & TechniFair is being held in February, as it’s a little easier to take that week off in the beginning of the semester. (More time to catch up on school work!) I’m hoping the timing will convince more students to come.

I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to not only come and present, but that all college students like myself get a chance to get out there, practice our speaking and see how it’s done.


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