Countdown to COE: Industry-Focused Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

Countdown to COE: Industry-Focused Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

The countdown to the 2018 COE Annual Experience & TechniFair is on! This year boasts 130 sessions across 12 industries. Whether you’re part of the Aerospace and Defense industry or Consumer Goods and Retail, this year’s annual conference will have a session to pique your interest and send you home having learned something new.  

Below are just a few highlights of industries and their can’t-miss sessions to add to your schedule. To sort sessions by industry, visit the COE 2018 Annual Experience & TechniFair session page.

COE is offering 100 sessions geared toward the Aerospace and Defense industry this year. Below are just a few to look out for.

Interoperability between the OEM and Supplier - Making MBSE Standards Work
Presented by Mark Williams, The Boeing Company

COE Hot Topic: Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

How do you define MBSE? Who's affected, where is the value, and what's driving this change? As a baseline, let’s start with the digital divide between the Suppliers and OEMs. We need to leverage and maximize the independence, expertise, invention and capability of each contributor in the supply chain. Join this sessions to discuss a better set of solutions, with organizations building the foundation for the digital thread.

Mixed Reality uses in Production, Design, and Analysis
Presented by Jeff Fisher, Wichita State University

Virtual and augmented reality technology is becoming more available than ever before. With major advancements in software and hardware. In this session, participants will look at some of the key places Mixed Reality can play a critical role in helping develop and build the products of today and tomorrow.

An End-to-End Multi-Domain Composite Aircraft Wing Design and Simulation Validation Workflow
Presented by Preeti Verma, Technical Solution Consultant, SIMULIA Growth
COE Hot Topic: Making the Leap to 3DEXPERIENCE
This session presents an approach that can easily be deployed to the design department for an aerospace-oriented workflow. It covers aerodynamic fluid analysis, followed by non-linear structural analysis with large deformation, and reverse engineering the effects of fluid and structural interaction on the wing shape.


COE is offering 69 sessions geared toward the Consumer Goods and Retail industry this year. Below are just a few to look out for.

Accelerate NPI – Visualize, Validate and Document with 3DEXPERIENCE Virtual Build

Presented by Jason Curtis, Inceptra
COE Hot Topic: Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
This session will help you identify and resolve problems early in the planning phase, validate process without physical prototypes and resource investment, capture and re-use best practices, generate shop floor documentation and worker training material, and more.

Additive Manufacturing at Scale
Presented by Rani Richardson, Dassault Systèmes
COE Hot Topic: Additive Manufacturing

With continuous growth in additive manufacturing (AM), as newer machines, faster processes and diverse materials are being released, it is critical for companies investing in AM to justify their investment by taking concepts to production. Production grade AM parts needs to meet tolerance, performance and durability requirements in order to be used for function. This presentation will demonstrate how 3DEXPERIENCE can help customers bring scale to their additive manufacturing journey.

What's New in the New CATIA Release

Presented by Danny Alcini, Dassault Systèmes
This session focuses on what’s new in the latest CATIA release for Sketch, Imagine & Shape, Freestyle, GSD, CATIA Icem, Visualization. This session will review requirements for Shape Design & Styling workbench and collect all new requirements.



COE is offering 53 sessions geared toward the Energy, Process and Utilities industry this year. Below are just a few to look out for.

Facilitating Lean with Synchronized Planning and Scheduling

Presented by Dassault Systèmes

COE Hot Topic: Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Lean operational practices are easy to define for a single process or work center – even a simple routing across a few work centers. However, the management and coordination of activities across an entire factory producing multiple products with deep, complex BOM's requires the help of sophisticated tools. Delmia Ortems Planner provides the capability to create mid & long-term plans to coordinate capacity, labor, and material needs. Learn how you can reduce WIP, manage production order residence time, and coordinate raw material stocks to achieve LEAN.

Generative Design with Topological Optimization for Plastic Injected Parts

Presented by Preeti Verma, Technical Solution Consultant, SIMULIA Growth

COE Hot Topic: Generative Design
Plastic injection is widely used in manufacturing. While current plastic design procedures are able to provide good designs, constraints associated with the manufacturing process may hinder the process. Learn how combining state of art generative design with topological optimization helps ensure plastic parts are designed right the first time to reduce the usage of material, and satisfy all the structural and performance requirements.

Material Intelligence for 3DEXPERIENCE
Presented by Abbie Fung, Granta Design
COE Hot Topic: Making the Leap to 3DEXPERIENCE
What if, every day, you’re adding materials risk to your designs and products? What if you could, instead, be making intelligent use of materials knowledge for better, greener, safer products? In this talk, Granta Design and Dassault Systèmes will show how you how to create a single “gold source” for company materials information and then ensure digital continuity for this data across the apps that need it in 3DEXPERIENCE.


COE is offering 76 sessions geared toward the High Tech industry this year. Below are just a few to look out for.

Introducing the new VR and AR Committee within COE
Presented by Leslie Forsberg, The Boeing Company
Introducing the new Virtual Reality and Augment Reality Committee within COE! VR and AR are no longer just industry buzz words. How do they affect you and the work you do? Have you benefited from them? We’ll discuss in this session.

PLM on the Cloud: What's Real?
Presented by Jim Escoe, Procter & Gamble Company
This session will focus on the landscape of PLM cloud offerings and what P&G has learned in their evaluation of various solutions.  Learn from one company as they share “watch outs" and opportunities for your companies’ investigations and deployments of these capabilities.

Connecting 3DEXPERIENCE Platform with External Systems with RESTful Web Services
Presented by Thierry Gronier, NIO
COE Hot Topic: Making the Leap to 3DEXPERIENCE

In the past, many customers relied on SOAP/Axis Web Services infrastructure to connect the 3DEXPERIENECE/ENOVIA platform with all sorts of external systems. SOAP Web Services have been end of life (EOL) since R2014x. The chosen architecture from Dassault Systemes has been RESTFul Web Services. This session will explain how to develop and deploy REST web services hosted by your 3DEXPERIENCE platform, from scratch.



COE is offering 19 sessions geared toward the Industrial Equipment industry this year. Below are just a few to look out for.

DIY ENOVIA PLM Migration (Reality of Fiction)
Presented by Paul William Downing, PROSTEP Inc.

If your company has not recently completed a PLM migration project, then one is on the horizon and you should be prepared. At this session, you will learn about some of the major obstacles that occur when planning and executing large or small migration projects. You will also gain practical advice, best practices examples, and even budgeting tips for approaching a migration project. Too often organizations leave migration concerns until the end of a project. Real world examples and customer use cases will be presented. Bring your tough questions, and let us show you how to make migrations easier.

Wire Harness – Data Rich Design
Presented by Neil Martinuzzi, Lear Automotive
COE Hot Topic: Generative Design
Wire harness design and manufacturing is both data and labor intensive. This session will cover how Lear Corporation serves all OEMs with design, simulation and manufacturing. The session will be of interest to anyone interested in design, simulation, information management systems and processes, libraries and drawings.

Designing With A Virtual Product
Presented by Jakob Moeller, Grundfos A/S
Digitalization of product development has come into focus over the last few years, increasing development speed and reducing cost to keep up with the industry demands. At Grundfos we have created a “Single Source of Truth” in product development using Parametric design and Knowledgeware to create a single assembly that contains 1000+ product family variants. The engineers are now able to design concurrently and in the context of the Virtual Product creating the specific product variant required by each engineer. This has greatly improved the design process and governance of mechanical interfaces. This presentation will describe how a Virtual Product was developed and implemented at Grundfos and highlight the benefits and challenges in the process.



COE is offering 93 sessions geared toward the Transportation and Mobility industry this year. Below are just a few to look out for.

Using Analytics in CATIA V5 to Deliver Efficient Tools to the Right People at the Right Time

Presented by Eric Fitzgerald Bursch, Toyota Technical Center

COE Hot Topic: Data Driven Insights

Toyota has over 150 efficiency tools (macros) that have been developed by their Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) team. These tools were developed to make it easier for engineers and modelers to use CATIA efficiently. The challenge, however, has been how to get the right tools to the right people.  Only about 20 percent of users actually use Toyota’s tools on a month-to-month basis. Users are often too busy to attend a training session for a new tool or often ignore email blasts that announce a new tool as they come through as white noise. To tackle this problem, Toyota developed a method, using analytics, to predict which users would benefit the most from specific tools. Learn how they were able to then approach users with very valuable and useful tools that captured their attention immediately.

A Method of Evaluating the Section/Joint Effectiveness on Contribution to Global Vehicle Performance using SFE CONCEPT
Presented by Behrooz Khatib Shahidi, Ford Motor
COE Hot Topic: Model Based Engineering (MBE)
Weight is a critical KPI in modern mobility, and future demands will add weight, following safety, autonomous driving and comfort. Intelligent approaches to optimize the structure of the vehicle will help to keep the weight down and still improve the performance. This presentation will focus on how the right material and innovative design applied in an intelligent way to joints improves BIW KPIs and reduces weight without losing performance.

Using a Universal Robot for Painting Simulation in DELMIA
Presented by Chelsea E. Sewell, Wichita State University NIAR
This presentation will detail using 3DEXPERIENCE DELMIA Robotics, Surface Simulation, and Equipment Design tools to illustrate how a collaborative robot can be used to handle and coat aircraft parts using existing, safety certified, paint booths.

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