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It is with great sadness that I am writing this post. I was informed on December 27 that Dr. David Aber, Bill Abramson College of Fellows member and long-time COE volunteer, passed away on Christmas Day, 12/25/2015. David has been serving this year as a member of the COE Board of Directors, his second stint on the Board, leading our Leadership Committee, co-leading the Academic Committee, and supporting the V6 Discovery Panel for Manufacturing. David was a member of COE for over 25 years, since his days as an engineer at IBM, and has participated year round in many capacities over the years. In addition to these committee and board memberships, David has also been an active member of the Bill Abramson College of Fellows, mentoring and coaching many members. It has been my distinct honor to also be a member of the College with David; I have learned much from him at every interaction.

At the request of David's wife and daughter, COE and the family have been setting up the "Dr. David M. Aber COE Scholarship Award". In lieu of flowers, the family asks that the hundreds of friends of David that will wish to express their condolences and honor his memory contribute to the fund.  In this way, we hope to carry on the work that David has done, assisting college and university students to learn and grow in the CAD and PLM industry. In this way, the spirit and support David has provided to all of us will continue in the future. If you would like to make a donation by check please mail to COE, 8300 Solutions Center, Chicago, IL 60677-8003 made out to "Dr. David M. Aber COE Scholarship Award," and if you would like to donate by credit card please contact COE Headquarters at coe@coe.org to make arrangements.

The current and past members of the Board, as well as all COE members that have ever worked with David, will miss his energy, enthusiasm, and desire to help. David epitomized the "servant leader" mentality, always looking to help others grow and prosper, while not looking for individual glory. His devotion to COE was only exceeded by his devotion to family; we have all been helped by his wit and wisdom.





Bob Deragisch

COE President

Parker Hannifin

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