How COE and Dassault Systèmes Can Propel Your Career Forward

COE spoke with Bruno Latchague, senior executive vice president at Dassault Systèmes (DS) about the latest 3DEXPERIENCE Platform strategy, how COE is playing a larger role than just for CATIA users and where the future partnership lies for DS and COE.

Can you tell us about the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform strategy and the role that the brands play within that strategy?

Bruno: The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a business experience platform available on premise and in public or private cloud. It democratizes data and puts everyone on the same page. It’s an operating system for enterprise, which is an integrated environment that lets all corporate disciplines — marketing, engineering, design, manufacturing — work together in real-time and with full context using the same underlying data model. Using the platform, companies can provide visibility to all the right people from across their network, to quickly innovate, create and iterate. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform powers all of our brands, across 12 industries. By connecting people, ideas, solutions and data, the platform creates a new framework for thinking that can help companies create new business opportunity and realize the future of the experience economy. Our brands are at the heart of the platform.

How do COE’s offerings across all solutions (not just CATIA) help users maximize the value of their investment?  

Bruno: Leveraging a platform approach — enabling access to the breadth and depth of DS brands — offers broad benefits including reduced time to market, faster innovation and global access to a community of developers and product expertise. These are just some of the ways that companies can maximize their investments. If we look at the bigger picture in the experience economy, market leaders are transforming their business through digitalization, challenging the competition and creating new revenue streams for their companies, employees, investors, etc.

Can you tell us about PLM Collaboration Services and how this initiative will help the user community?

Bruno: PLM Collaboration Services allows users who are designing, using earlier versions of CATIA, SOLIDWORKS or other third party offerings, to have direct access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with full digital continuity, PLM integration and data migration between the desktop and cloud.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s connection to the cloud is huge for customers. Tell us more about how customers are benefiting and how users connecting with each other can enhance their work.

Bruno: With the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform now available from the cloud, we are able to bring additional platform services into an enterprise, and we have announced two new services to do just that. PLM Collaboration Services, as I mentioned above, bring legacy users onto the platform, but at a simpler level. We’re providing what we call Social Collaboration Services that allow companies to start collaborating and breaking down the silos in their organization by providing direct access to the platform. Social Collaboration Services provide access to online communities with hundreds of experts and online tutorials, or, customers can create private communities within their own organization.

Both services are part of broader strategy we call Power’By. As customers move their enterprises to the platform, these services allow them to easily move their legacy systems and software into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and go beyond digitalization to an Industry Renaissance — a new way of seeing the world, inventing, learning, producing and selling, where virtual and reality combine.

What is your vision for the COE partnership with Dassault Systemes?

Bruno: I see COE as a key connection to you, the most passionate, forward thinking and innovative users of our software. As COE has expanded its scope to encompass all the DS brands on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we look to COE as a strong and valued partner in making the important parts of our customers’ experience better and better, every day. COE helps our customers get the most out of their software investment through their education and networking programs. And we, in turn, are offered the valuable opportunity to hear directly from our most engaged customers about what we’re doing right and where we need to improve.

I greatly value DS’ relationship with COE and see that partnership growing stronger and stronger every year.

COE’s Academic Program has grown significantly over the past year. How do you think this program can help address workforce needs in the future?

Bruno: The ambition is to make COE the epicenter for hiring CATIA-trained and 3DEXPERIENCE-certified engineering graduates that want to continue their career using DS solutions. The COE Academic Program is an ideal framework for networking between engineering candidates and industry.  Scholars have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with industry leaders and gain a better understanding of internships and future engineering career paths. We will be able to match skills, interests and desired career locations and hope to make this program a key reason for companies to partner with COE for their workforce of the future. Our ultimate goal is to collaborate with industry and academia to develop curriculum tantamount to real life problem-solving scenarios and true industry workflows supporting 3DEXPERIENCE.

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