Introducing COE's Academic Foundation

COE is pleased to announce the formation of COE’s Academic Foundation, a tax exempt 501c3 entity providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships for tuition and conference attendance to the best and brightest engineering students internationally. The new foundation allows COE member corporations and individuals to make tax exempt contributions.
The Foundation also provides a forum for Dassault Systèmes users from schools and universities to organize as one voice to Dassault Systèmes on product development and service topics. Another key aspect is the opportunity to network, enabling students, professors, and industry professionals to learn from shared experiences.
Read more about how the COE Academic Foundation inspires the workforce of the future.
Companies who support COE’s Academic Foundation have the opportunity to showcase their company to engineering students , receive electronic copies of student resumes (there were 75 in 2019!), receive recognition of donor level within COE communications, and much more. To learn more about these opportunities, visit
If you’re interested in supporting students for COExperience, and interested in accessing student resumes from 2019 AND 2020, please contact
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