On Your Mark, Get Set … Print!

COE_206056-17_Box Car Banner_V72.jpgCOE’s long-running Top Gun competition is getting a sleek new look in 2018. We’re excited to debut our first-ever 3DDerby at this year’s Annual Experience and TechniFair in San Diego. Taking a page from the iconic Pinewood Derby – with a new tech-y twist – entrants will submit their 3D car designs to be printed by COE via the new 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. Cars will be ready for pickup at the conference in April to race against each other. Design submissions are due by March 2.  

Although this will be COE’s first venture into the derby world, the idea of a Soap Box or Pinewood Derby is hardly new. Tracing its roots to 1933 in Ohio, the first Soap Box Derby® was established by newsman Myron Scott. After seeing a group of boys in his neighborhood race homemade cars, Scott acquired copyrights to Soap Box Derby® and took the idea to Chevrolet for corporate sponsorship. The next year, the first official Soap Box Derby® race was held in Akron, Ohio.

Fast forward nearly 20 years later, to Manhattan Beach, Calif. Don Murphy, Cub Master for Pack 280C, was searching for an activity his 10-year-old son and fellow Cub Scouts could participate in. The group was just shy of a few years too young for the local Soap Box Derby®, so Murphy got his wheels spinning and created the Pinewood Derby. The Cub Scouts were given design kits with pinewood blocks, wheels and nails, and told to complete their models for the big race. In May of 1953, 55 Cub Scouts and their parents met at the Scout House in Manhattan Beach and watched as handmade cars raced against each other down a ramp. The event gained traction with Boy Scout troops all over the U.S., and the Pinewood Derby eventually became a registered trademark of the Boy Scouts of America. Other organizations adapted the concept as it became increasingly popular, and to this day it remains a fun, hands-on activity for aspiring designers and engineers of all ages.  

COE is excited for its members to try their hand at this long-standing tradition, with a tech-savvy spin. Want to enter? Email us at coe@coe.org or check out the COE 3DDerby page here: http://www.coe.org/3dderby   

Printers, start your engines. This won’t be your granddaddy’s derby.

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