Q&A with Michael Clare, COE Conference Chair

Q&A with Michael Clare, COE Conference Chair 

What is your role in this year's Annual PLM Experience?

I have been involved with the COE Annual PLM Experience for about five years now, helping develop the grid and coordinating breakout sessions with Division Managers as well as COE Headquarters. We work to bring in quality general session speakers and even make suggestions on how to make changes as the years roll by to make the conference fresh and worthwhile.

What are you excited about? What’s new this year?

I am very excited about the great partnership we have developed with Dassault Systemes this year and the many years going forward. Dassault Systemes has been a great asset to our planning process, helping us identify great general session content and bring quality speakers to our user base. Our general session content is going to be very exciting, with Joby and Jaguar Land Rover stories being presented. I believe we will have some exciting, new hands-on type events or capabilities for our members to experience at the COE this year in the TechniFair.  

Why do you continue to attend this event year after year? 

I find the education unmatched, and the ability to network with my peers form all other types of companies is amazing. I have met some great contacts over the years from a great deal of industries and I am expecting to meet many more this year with our expansion into the many new industries and brands that will be represented at COE this year.

What is your favorite memory from last year? 

One of my favorite memories of last year’s event was the excellent networking events in the TechniFair after the long hours of learning happening every day. We had some very authentic local food favorites and some fun entertainment as well. Meeting new attendees is always fun for me.

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