See Your Peers Recognized at COExperience

The COE Discussion Forum is an essential tool for all members to utilize – and those who contribute should be recognized. That is why COE has the Community of Experts Contributor Award, which was created to acknowledge the COE members that contribute a substantial amount of educational content shared amongst the community on the COE Forums.

In addition, for each issue of NewsNet this year, we will be shining a light on those forum contributors who are making a big impact on a bi-monthly basis. For the months of November and December 2018, we would like to recognize Edu EtxaurreBryan Carpio Felsher and Little Cthulhu for their numerous contributions. 

The body of knowledge would not be the same without any of these individuals.

Contributor Award.jpg

2017 Recipient, Timothy Suhr: "Tim is not only a subject matter expert (SME) at Boeing but also in the aircraft industry and within COE. He is one of the driving factors at COE for Electro Mechanical Engineering. The EME community stay connected year-round through Tim. The organization, volunteers, commitment, work ethic, communication with DS, etc., has set the bar for our other communities."

The 2019 Community of Experts Contributor Award will be announced at COExperience in New Orleans. If you haven’t already, register for the event today.


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