Share and Learn From Each Other at the 2019 COExperience

By Roger Joyal, COE Annual Experience Conference Chair

Next year’s COExperience will take place in New Orleans. The three-day event will bring together expert users of Dassault Systèmes solutions. This upcoming conference will include many more user-company presentations than in the past. User-companies are excited to share their usage experiences regarding Dassault Systèmes products. Herein lies a major value of COE to all attendees: the ability to share and learn from each other how to best utilize all the products Dassault Systèmes provides. Hear more about the 2019 COExperience below from Conference Chair Roger Joyal.

Stepping it up

COE is happening two months earlier than in the past. That means two less months to organize the conference. Over 100 volunteers had to adapt to more efficient ways of recruiting for sessions. It was amazing to see how many sessions were recruited at the last conference before the conference ended because so many attendees were excited to share. The shortening of preparation time has positively driven volunteers to recruit extra hard, which resulted in way more content than ever before. Volunteers were challenged to select the best-of-the-best for the 2019 conference.

Another exciting offering is the Leadership Track, which allows us “technical folk” to bring along our managers from any level. This will allow you to still attend your technical sessions while your management attends sessions specifically tailored for them. Your management will gain a better understanding of the Dassault Systèmes products you are so enthused to implement at your company. Having management understand “what” you want to deploy allows your company to cohesively understand and plan Dassault Systèmes product delivery throughout your user base.

Don’t miss out on the education

WOW is all I can say when I look at the program grid for each day. During each time slot, I have multiple sessions circled for my own learning. Mini-tracks are really exciting to me, including topics such as Additive Manufacturing and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, allowing sessions to build on each other throughout the day. We have many new user companies presenting fresh ideas to attendees. The Dassault Systèmes Product sessions are always a favorite of mine where I can always learn about the latest-and-greatest DS has been working on and is so proud of. Being a hands-on person, I really focus on COE University, where I learn very quickly from the exercises. An old favorite session returns: CATBench, which allows user companies to learn about hardware improvements and how it affects Dassault Systèmes product efficiencies.

The number one item that I am most excited about is the amount of user company sessions and the quality of the topics and content. As mentioned earlier, the shorter planning period drove all volunteers to work extra hard, resulting in very high-quality sessions. There are many sessions on the grid, occurring at the same time, which one will be interested in. The only way to solve that dilemma is to bring multiple users (and managers!) from your company. The vast coverage of topics includes two rooms of hands-on learning, numerous roundtables, user-company experiences, Dassault Systèmes sharing the latest and greatest efficiencies, pre-conference workshops on Sunday, an amazing TechniFair of vendors, networking luncheons…I could go on and on! Honestly, the high-quality content within COE 2019 will drive this to be the largest COE conference attendance in years.

Honestly, I can go on for days…but you should GO ON to and see for yourself how amazing COExperience will be for YOU!

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