What you Missed at the May 2016 Meeting Central/Southern Ohio RUG Hosted by Sogeti

What You Missed at the May 2016 Meeting Central/Southern Ohio RUG Hosted by Sogeti

COE Central Southern Ohio RUGThe Central/Southern Ohio RUG held their second meeting at the Mason, Ohio office of Sogeti on May 19, 2016. The focus of the half-day event was Requirements Management. This RUG meeting attracted 25 attendees from Proctor and Gamble, Honda of America, Viking Range and Dash Scientific. Representatives were available from Dassault Systemes as well as the event sponsor Sogeti and from the VAR NobleTek. The first presenter, Kandarp Patel from Dassault Systemes provided a comprehensive review of the Dassault vision and capabilities of requirements management using Dassault's 2016x 3D Experience. The presentation provided a holistic view of the lifecycle of requirements with respect to the development of products, including integration with legacy tools to allow a company to implement the solution without losing their existing requirements history.

The second speaker, was current COE President, Bob Deragisch; Director of Engineering Services for Paker Hannifin Corporation. Bob provided the group with a general overview of the challenges faced by his company with respect to the distributed nature of the company as well as the diverse requirements with respect to the parts that are manufactured and serviced. Parker has distributed creators and consumers of requirements in over 50 countries, over 3,000 engineers and over 4,000,000 active part numbers. Parker maintains parts from the ocean floor to the International Space Station and beyond. Bob also reviewed the work that Parker has pursued with respect to requirements management and the general process used to import and manage requirements pursuant to product development. The discussion included requirement importation from diverse systems and the integration of those requirements into the 3D Experience infrastructure at Parker. Bob was also able to provide some high level examples and metrics of efficiencies gained from using Requirements Central to manage requirements at Parker.

Dr. Neil Littell from Ohio University presented strategies for managing requirements in the absence of technological tools to manage requirements. He provided a discussion of the general process of new product development with respect to challenges and opportunities related to not managing requirements as well as the hidden cost of not capturing and managing requirements in a systematic method. Supplier integration with respect to requirements capturing and management was discussed as well as a general discussion of the risks of not having a structured requirements management process and infrastructure in place.

The final speaker of the event was Gauri Pandhare from Sogeti. Gauri provided an overview of the capabilities of Sogeti as well as providing an open forum for general discussion concerning PLM and requirements management.

The Board of Directors for the Central/Southern COE RUG would like to thank Sogeti for hosting the event as well as Dassault Systemes for financially supporting the RUG. The next Central/Southern COE RUG event is tentatively scheduled for the latter half of July at Ohio University's Dublin campus. The organizers of the RUG are working to make this event a full day hands-on training workshop using the 3DExperience platform. Please email littellw@ohio.edu if you are interested in joining, sponsoring or speaking at the Central/Southern COE RUG.  

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