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Using The XPDM tool for Various Import and Export Scenarios

Session Number: 4006
Track: Data Management & Collaboration
Sub-Categorization: PLM and Governance (PLMG)
Session Type: Process Session (Customer or Partner-delivered)
Primary Presenter: ILAN MADJAR [Partner, Senior Consultant - xLM Solutions]
Tue, Apr 18, 2023 (02:30 PM - 03:20 PM)

What is the purpose of your presentation?: Show users how to use the XPM tool to load da
What are the session objectives? : Educate users on the XPDM tools
What is the method?: TBD
Explain the results/conclusion: TBD
Submitter/Contact Information: Yes, I am the speaker
Conference Hot Topics: None
Industry: None
Applicable Products: None

Session Description:  We will discuss how to use the XPDM Import and Export tool to import and export data from 3DEXPERIENCE. We will focus on the XPDM XML data format and how to use business logics to enhance and/or customize import/export behaviors.

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