“More than data management for simulation”


“More than data management for simulation”

New white paper from CIMdata reviews SIMULIA’s solution for Simulation Lifecycle Management

To help design and perfect today’s more complex products, simulation and analysis (S&A) is becoming increasingly important to manufacturing enterprises of all sizes. Broader, deeper, and more effective simulation is needed to properly analyze the advanced products being designed and developed, and validate that they meet functional and regulatory requirements. S&A tools and methodologies must be used more effectively throughout the product development process to improve designs and reduce the cost of prototyping and physical testing. This is driving increased investments in simulation and the need to better manage S&A tools, data and processes.

Because of the increased need for and importance of simulation, companies now recognize that S&A information is valuable intellectual property (IP) that needs to be captured, shared, and leveraged throughout the product lifecycle. New approaches are transforming product-related S&A into a visible and accessible component of the product development process, across the full product lifecycle and across extended enterprises; not just maintaining them as a domain for specialists. We call this approach to managing S&A information and processes, and integrating it within the full product lifecycle, Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM). SLM is the enterprise’s gateway to simulation tools, processes, and data.

CIMdata, the leading global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) management consulting and research firm, recently released a whitepaper providing a perspective on Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM): the pressures that motivate its use; SLM’s role; its value and future; and how SIMULIA, the Dassault Systèmes brand for realistic simulation, is developing and delivering advanced SLM solutions for the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market.

SIMULIA SLM is a V6 solution that allows organizations to capture their simulation knowledge, deploy approved methods, execute simulations on compute clusters, manage applications, and share simulation results. The SLM solution leverages an industry-proven, enterprise enabled architecture that helps companies take advantage of assets and resources to maximize the return on simulation investments.

This new whitepaper gives an industry example from Dana Holding Corporation, a major user of S&A. By implementing SLM, Dana has become especially efficient in design and development while maintaining their competitive position.

Frank Popielas, Manager of Advanced Engineering in the Power Technologies Group of Dana “indicated that the quality of simulations has improved. Analysts are following consistent standards for simulation based on the types of simulation being conducted. There are standard templates and processes which are either executed automatically by the SLM system or that guide an individual through their assigned tasks. This has reduced time and errors. Input data is linked to the CAD models ensuring that the simulations are conducted against the current version of a design.”

The new CimDATA whitepaper is available online at the SLM Resource Center: http://plmv5.com/slmresourcecenter . At this site, you will also be able to download papers on SLM from Kimberly-Clarke and Dana Holding Corp.


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