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Mike Clare, The Boeing Company





1. Tell us about what your company does, and what you do there.
I work for The Boeing Company in the Research & Technology organization. I am a lead in a group that specializes in the creation, management and delivery of technical information to our customers.  An example everyone would be familiar with is the manual you get when you buy a car, we work to innovate that information with new technology and delivery mechanisms.

2. What other roles have you played in industry?
I have been involved with various standards bodies in the past most recently supporting the S1000D multimedia working group.  S1000D is an international standard for creating technical documentation.

3. How long have you been working with CATIA?
I was first trained in CATIA in about 1987 when I worked for Grumman Aerospace Corporation and then transferred those skills to The Boeing Company in 1989, where I have been involved with CATIA and Dassault Systemes products since.  My experience has mostly been with Mfg. and tooling.

4. How long have you been a member of COE?  Describe the factors that influenced you or your company’s decision to join.
I have been involved with COE since the very first conference I attended in about 1997.  My company has been a member of COE long before I was involved, but I can tell you the influence on my participation was the interaction with all the members that attended the conferences, as well as the industry relationships that are made including with Dassault personnel.  Now with the great advances in the ability to communicate year round I think COE is going to be a huge resource for all of our member companies and there employees.

5. As a new Board member of COE, describe your involvement in COE and where your passion lies.
It was interesting stepping into a new role within COE as a member of the board.  I believe the board is made up of fairly diverse group of people interested in making COE the best it can be for our members.  I am currently involved with the conference planning committee and working with Jim Strawn to help with the COE community managers.  The conference planning committee is an interesting job that I enjoy, it is many times new members get their first impression of COE and it is important to have quality content that spans all of our users needs. 

6. Any words of advice you would give to other members who are not currently active? 
Honestly if you are not active in COE and you want more from COE then you need to become active.  I have built many lifelong friendships through my dealings with COE as well as feeling that I have left a mark on the industry with regard to many requirements that have been requested through various COE interactions.  You get out of COE at least 2 times what you put in since the organization is so vast and many of your colleagues are doing the same.

7. Has your COE activity had any influence on your career?
Yes I believe COE has had a great influence on my career. There are many industry connection that I have today that I never would have had without COE. Speaking at COE on topics of interest to the members and industry in general has been a huge benefit.  I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten calls from people that want more information on topics I have presented.  COE has enaled me to bring technology to my company that I never would have found.  The most recent being 3DVIA Composer, and when you can make improvements like that it can’tdo anything but help your career

8. You’ve attended many COE Conferences and Workshops.  What makes you return so often?
Honestly the networking and access to Dassault and various vendors is a big reason.  I do enjoy sharing things we have done with the software in areas that are not typically thought of as sweet spot for the Dassault family of products. I enjoy trying to create a community of people that support the products that our great member companies produce.  I feel I have a passion for 3D to be used to its fullest throughout a produces lifecycle.

9. As a long-time, active member of this association and new Board member, what aspects of COE would you like to see grow in the future?
COE needs to somehow grow the membership in the small to medium market sector.  We as a board have had discussions about some strategies on how to do that but I am really enhancing our COE year round focus will help in this area.  The more content and information sharing we can do on a year round basis will hopefully bring more of the smaller companies to take advantage of COE.

10. What do you do for fun? 
I really enjoy sports, I am the manager for my youngest daughter’s soccer team and for the past 5 years I have helped coached H.S. level lacrosse in my area.  My son plays college baseball and I try to make it to as many of his games as I can but his school is a 3 hr drive from my home. 

11. Any other facts or stories you would like to share about your experience with COE?
I would like to say that COE is nothing without volunteers and if you feel that someone else will do it you are probably wrong.  There are plenty of things that can be done to participate in COE and I believe I have experienced almost all of them.  I have written articles for COE NewsNet, Presented at conferences and workshops, lead a PIC, presented an ask the expert session, co-chairmen of the A&D Workshop, and now on the Board and planning committee.  It has been a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone that has an interest.

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