The CAD World Continues to Buzz With Praise for DraftSight


DraftSight News Brief

The CAD world continues to buzz with praise for DraftSight®! Since launching the beta version in June 2010, the professional-grade, free 2D computer aided design software has been downloaded by more than 1.6 million CAD professionals, students and educators all over the world. The newest release of DraftSight, V1R1.3, for Windows®, Mac® and Linux® was released on October 17, 2011, and is available for download at This updated version features new functionalities such as Print Configurations and 3D Mouse Support.

Print Configurations can now be saved and applied to DWG files and users can also apply these configuration files to different DWG files. This allows users to print the DWG files with the custom settings they applied without having to reset them every time they want to print. The files are portable and can be shared with other users as well.

3D Mouse Support now supports Zoom Direction (vertical and horizontal), /Pan/Velocity/Axis (clockwise and counter clock wise) and Dominant mode. Users can also use the slider to set the sensitivity of the 3D mouse (between low and high, 0 percent – 100 percent), and can set the Dominant mode, which filters out all motion except for data coming from the axis that is actuated the most. DraftSight also supports Velocity/Speed where users can use the slider to adjust the smoothness of reacting to mouse cap movements. Users can now set the Zoom/Pan to use the 3D mouse to zoom in and out, and now DraftSight supports rotate and axis commands as well.

These improvements were made based on feedback from users, who have suggested their enhancement ideas on the DraftSight Facebook page, online DraftSight community, Twitter handle and via the enhancement email,

DraftSight is also solving some major migration issues for businesses. Many companies have found out the hard way that their current 2D CAD programs are not compatible with Windows 7, which has cost them thousands of dollars in upgrades. Since DraftSight is compatible with Windows 7 (as well as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux), it is the likely choice for companies migrating to a Windows 7 operating system. To help companies get the job done, DraftSight also offers an affordable Premium Pack, which includes access to API’s and API updates, network licensing, telephone and email support, and much more. The ROI Calculator gives customers an instant view of the savings they can generate by choosing DraftSight and the DraftSight Premium Pack over a current or planned 2D CAD solution.

Want to learn more? Download DraftSight now. Request a Quote for the DraftSight Premium Pack. Check out the DraftSight Community, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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