Dassault Release Streamlines Simulation Workflows


Dassault Release Streamlines Simulation Workflows
Design News (01/12) Stackpole, Beth

Business process workflows and process management are often heralded as ways of creating more efficient workflows, but are not generally the kind of things engineers spend significant time considering. However, simulation and optimization, landmarks of the engineering process, are filled with inefficiencies and can be error-prone, which Dassault Systèmes is looking to correct with its new desktop solution for simulation process automation and design optimization. Dassualt's newest version of Isight is intended to provide engineers with a suite of visual tools for creating simulation process workflows, with the goal of helping automate the exploration of design alternatives and make it easier for engineering teams to find optimal performance parameters for ongoing designs. According to Dassault, the simulation-based design process generally involves several simulation tools that must communicate in a coordinated fashion, such as Excel sheets, commercial CAD/CAE software, proprietary programs, and custom scripting calculations. Isight works by providing a standard library of components that can be used to create process flows. Each component acts as a container with its own interface for integrating and running a particular simulation. Isight supports an open integration architecture so the components can be configured to support a variety of scripts, applications, and databases. With individual simulation tools integrated, engineering groups can create a simulation workflow that facilitates data sharing between individual programs while automating the simulation process flow to reduce errors that can occur in a manual process.

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