Time Is Right for Watchmakers


Time Is Right for Watchmakers
China Daily (China) (01/14/12) Lu, Liu

The watchmaking industry has exploded in Shenzhen, China, with some 1,100 watch companies based in that city producing 800 million watches in 2010, comprising over 43 percent of global production, according to the Shenzhen Watch and Clock Association (SWCA). However, Shenzhen watchmakers are attempting to retool their business models by making hefty investments in branding their own independently designed products. "Enhancing innovation, research and development capabilities as well as strengthening brand-building efforts, are vital for Shenzhen watchmakers to survive the increasingly intense competition both at home and abroad," says SWCA secretary-general Zhu Shunhua. Ebohr Luxuries International is one business that has committed itself to generate Chinese watch brands that will boast universal recognition. To help realize its effort to become one of the world's top watch brands, Ebohr is the first Shenzhen watch company to start using advanced three-dimensional design software from Dassault Systemes for the purpose of optimizing its design process.

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