Power to Perform—When You’re On the Go



Power to Perform—When You’re On the Go

For many of us, our traditional workspaces have transformed into environments that take us far beyond standard office settings. That transformation has resulted in a demand for more portable systems that can still support our application-intensive work processes.

HP’s family of mobile workstations—the EliteBook 8460w Mobile Workstation, EliteBook 8560w Mobile Workstation, and EliteBook 8760w Mobile Workstation—delivers the power, performance, and reliability you need to run your applications.

Built on second generation Intel® Core™ processors, these systems feature Intel® Turbo Boost technology1 that provides advanced processing speed for your single and multi-threaded applications. In addition, they include high-end professional graphics that are tested and certified to run the most demanding applications. As important, these compact systems offer a rugged design that meets tough military standards for drop, vibration, dust, humidity, altitude, and high temperature.2

Additional features include SRS Premium Sound, which delivers a high-quality audio experience when you’re listening to media rich content or displaying multimedia heavy presentations. And AMD Eyefinity Technology allows you to run up to five concurrent displays together to form a large viewing surface.3

The workstations also come with tools that can improve your productivity, including HP Performance Advisor, which lets you configure, customize, and optimize your system to match your application usage. In addition, HP Power Assistant extends the runtime of your system battery and reduces energy consumption, while HP ProtectTools help keep your workstation secure.

Check out some of the special deals and learn more about the HP and Dassault Systèmes relationship by visiting the HP website.

1 Intel Turbo Boost technology requires a PC with a processor with Intel Turbo Boost capability. Intel Turbo Boost performance varies depending on hardware, software, and overall system configuration.
2 MIL-STD-810G testing was not intended to demonstrate fitness for U.S. Department of Defense contracts or for military use. Test results are not a guarantee of future performance under these test conditions.
3 Sold separately or purchased as an optional feature. Requires AMD discrete graphics configuration.

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