SolidWorks Software Inventor Creates CAD Innovations


SolidWorks Software Inventor Creates CAD Innovations (03/20/2012) Keene, Cindy Atoji

Rick Chin, director of product innovation at SolidWorks, is a 3D design expert tasked with creating new technologies related to computer-aided design (CAD). His first spinoff was a product called "edrawings," created in response to complaints about the difficulty of sending or receiving drawings across different CAD systems. Chin's team devised a viewer that combined traditional 2D drawings and 3D models to solve the problem and allow a traditional engineering drawing to be animated. Other inventions include a sustainability dashboard that allows designers to compare the possible carbon footprint of producing a product. With innovation and generating ideas, Chin says that he starts with general surveying and creating solutions for existing problems. "Successful products are ones that transform someone’s feelings of helplessness and anger into feelings of empowerment," Chin says. "If you solve an inconvenience for people, they appreciate it, but if you solve a frustration for them, you’ll be their hero." A current focus for Chin's work is how users interface with computers, such as augmented reality, and finding new ways to interface with CAD systems rather than just a keyboard, mouse, and computer screen.

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