SolidWorks Looks Beyond PLM


SolidWorks Looks Beyond PLM
Design News (03/12) Stackpole, Beth

At the SolidWorks World 2012 user conference in San Diego, the long-term vision involved an online, 3D paradigm across design networks of diverse people. Dassault Systemes CEO Bernard Charlès invited Maia Hoeberechts, research theme integrator for engineering and computational research at Neptune Canada, to talk about its cabled ocean network in the Northeast Pacific. With its underwater ocean observatory network, which is directly connected to the Internet, Neptune Canada's network allows anyone to log on and surf the sea floor and help scientists sort through data. Dassault and Solidworks compared this example to its vision for a next-generation design platform, which involves collaboration and community. Using 3D data as a universal language, Dassault may be moving its product lines toward a Web 2.0 embodiment that leverages social media tools and "big data" analytics to foster innovation.

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