Built To Perform Like No Other – The Next Generation of HP Workstations


Built To Perform Like No Other – The Next Generation of HP Workstations

HP Workstations are built for the demands of today’s professionals. Take the new HP Z1 Workstation, the world’s first all-in-one workstation with a 27-inch diagonal display, or the top-of-the-line HP Z820 Workstation. These and other HP Workstations are all engineered to help you work faster, work smarter, and unleash your creativity like never before. With tool-less designs, dual-socket performance, and professional graphics, HP Workstations take innovation, performance, and reliability to a new level.

With a whole-system design approach, we test and optimize processors, graphics cards, memory, operating systems, and other system components for a better experience. Coupled with our intense focus on innovation, performance, and reliability, HP has a long history of designing great workstations.

Introducing power without the tower
Finally, a workstation worthy of your creativity. Introducing the HP Z1 Workstation. It’s the world’s first all-in-one workstation with a 27-inch diagonal display. All the components that used to require a tower, are now expertly designed into the back of the monitor. One that’s engineered for easy access to the inside. No tools required(1). Swap out drives or make upgrades on your own, so you’re always in control.

Get all the performance you need to unleash your creative potential. Experience a stunning display with support for over a billion colors(2) and greater than HD resolution. And rest easy with HP’s world-class reliability founded on rigorous testing. So you maximize uptime, all the time. The HP Z1 offers advanced design from A to Z.

Expand your power
The HP Z420 Workstation gives you professional expandability in an accessible tool-free mini-tower form factor—all at a great price. With up to eight discrete processor cores, the latest processing and I/O power from Intel, and the latest graphics technology from leading graphics providers, you have the power you need to get the job done.

The HP Z420 Workstation also offers a larger and highly energy-efficient power supply, optional near-silent HP Liquid Cooling, and support for up to eight displays to maximize the viewing area. And with a tool-less chassis and optional handle, it’s easy to service or upgrade components. It all adds up to outstanding value in a highly expandable personal workstation.

Versatility redefined, still compact
With up to 16 discrete processor cores (32 with hyper-threading), the HP Z620 Workstation packs a ton of computing and visualization power into a quiet, compact footprint. This dual-socket system helps you boost productivity with the performance of next-generation Intel® Xeon® processors and support for up to eight displays.

With its innovative design, the HP Z620 Workstation gives you a near silent computing solution in a form factor that’s a perfect fit for space-constrained environments. And for easy servicing and upgrades, it features a completely tool-less chassis with integrated handles and a tool-free power supply.

Ultimate performance for ultimate projects
Built for high-end computing and visualization, the dual-processor HP Z820 Workstation delivers outstanding performance, award-winning industrial design, and tool-free serviceability in the industry’s most expandable workstation chassis. With next-generation Intel® Xeon® processors, support for up to 16 processing cores, and the latest professional graphics, you’ll tackle even the most demanding projects like never before.

With its expandable design, the HP Z820 Workstation gives you the confidence to produce your best work. This rackable system provides seven expansion slots, seven expansion bays, 16 memory slots, and support for up to 512 gigabytes of memory. The result is unmatched design power in a system that is sleek and uncluttered, inside and out.

Innovative tools
HP also offers innovative personal productivity tools that help you get your job done faster. For example, HP Performance Advisor delivers a simple, effective way to keep your HP Workstation operating at its peak potential. Like having an IT pro always on hand, this helpful software wizard can take you from initial configuration and customization through the optimization of your system for each new application and driver you install.

HP Remote Graphics Software also gives you high-performance remote desktop access to your 2D, 3D, video, and media-rich applications—when and where you need them, on-site or from a remote location through a standard Internet connection. This HP innovation allows you to collaborate with colleagues across geographies, in real-time, using content-rich interactive applications.

Learn more about the full range of HP Z Workstations.

(1) The power supply, graphics card, hard drives, optical drive, system cooling blower and memory can be accessed, and removed without tools. Tools may be required for all other components.

(2) 1.07 billion viewable colors through A-FRC technology.

Intel and Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corp. in the United States and other countries. Microsoft Windows is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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