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Emmanuel Boivin-Moreau, Hydro-Québec








1. Briefly tell us about your company and what you do?

Hydro-Québec is the largest electricity company in Canada, and produces more than 40% of all the hydro power generation in Canada. The company conducts electricity generation, transmission and distribution. The Québec provincial government is the sole shareholder of this 23 000 employee company.

By evaluating the benefits of going 3D on the design and maintenance phase in early 2003, Hydro-Quebec  chose the Dassault Systèmes solutions including CATIA, SmarTeam and DELMIA. I was part of the technical team that developed and adapted the CATIA suite to address the civil engineering needs like concrete design, formworks, terrain modeling, excavation and landfill, etc. Now, I have joined directly the Hydro-Québec team and I'm in charge of the technical orientations of CATIA for the development of new solutions,  deployment, required training and support.

2. What other assignments have you had in your working career?

I've had the privilege to work in PLM Solutions at IBM Canada for a couple of years (ok, more than a couple, more like 14) during which I had the chance to work in different industries (mostly aerospace as I'm based in Montreal and it's the local delicacy here: airplanes, helicopters and turbine engines.) Being on the technical sales team, gave me the opportunity to be involved in many other projects all over North-America and Europe. Now I'm more focused on one single project: the deployment of CATIA and Friends at Hydro-Québec. This project is very strong these days due in part to our great relationship with Dassault Systèmes.

3. Describe what influences you and your company’s decision to be a COE Member.

I'm in the same boat as many attendees and COE volunteers: I thrive and work for the success of my CATIA/SmarTeam implementation projects and more importantly: acceptance by our company’s civil engineering community. To achieve these goals, I carefully choose what tools work best for me. COE is definitely one of them as I know it is a source of talented, dedicated and highly specialized professionals. For Hydro-Québec to be associated with this organization is in my view, very beneficial and I would dare say quite mandatory.

4. Any words of advice you could give to other members?

COE is only possible if the Users get involved. I appreciate the financial involvements of all the partners but all this would not be possible if not for the personal dedication of the numerous members and volunteers. Please make yourselves available, every contribution counts and is appreciated. Its one of the good causes out there!

5. How has your participation with COE influenced your career?

I am the Chairman – Energy (ENG) Community within COE. Year after year, the COE to me is like a big family technical reunion, and only of the good type, (there are none of the inappropriately drunken uncles nor the fist-fighting cousins or the awkwardly boring story-telling grand-mas…) It is a face-time opportunity: finally putting face on a name or a pseudo from the forums is great. It is most importantly a time that forces me to take a look back at the year that passed-by. Because I know I will share the past 12 months experience of our project, it forces that introspection. In return, I get a fresh new outlook by my fellow consultants who do that for a living. It really is a sort of "project peer-review".
6. When you attend COE’s Annual Conference, what makes this valuable experience to you?

The most important aspects that I appreciate at COE is not only coming from the new products offerings and demonstrations, nor from the depth of new knowledge acquired on technical sessions but most importantly from the individuals behind those great stories. Every time I have the chance, I try to connect with the speakers in order to make further advancements in our solution deployments. For example, all of our terrain modeling methodologies have been initially inspired by reverse-engineering techniques developed in helicopter and aerospace companies.

7. What are your interests outside of work and COE?

Outside of work, after a career at professional race car driving (the Honda-Michelin Canadian Series), I hung up my racing helmet and traded it for a hockey helmet. At an age where people normally starts appreciating golf (around forthy-ish), like a good Canadian, I decided to start playing our national sport: Ice Hockey. I had never skated before nor played hockey but was just tired of simply watching it on tv (and our local team is pretty bad these days…). It's a great and humbling sport that I plan to do as long as my knees and back will allow.

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