3D Education Resources from one of COE’s Chairman


3D Education Resources from one of COE’s Chairman

The COE Academic Community has been Lead over the past two years by a new chairman – Michael Michaud. Michel has been busy rebuilding a community that has evolved to a high-degree of proficiency (with the related self sufficiency) based on CATIA V5. In ENOVIA V6, the necessity of collaboration once again to reach same-level of proficiency speaks to a strong COE Academic community. (Dassault Systèmes will introduce the first two high-schools that adopted ENOVIA V6 to COE2012 in Las Vegas) Installation and licensing evolution, database, education materials and curriculum all are candidates for this collaboration.  In addition, high schools are now entering the 3D experience space.  Come out to join the Academic Community at the COE 2012 program April 22-25, Las Vegas. This program will be important if you are part of the higher education community or collaborate with such an organization for your company.

Michel has also been busy creating a new education/reference resource during this same time.  He has been working on a huge book project. The first challenge was to obtain from Dassault Systèmes the legal authorization to use his system resources to do the work and to publish about CATIA®.

CATIA® Core Tools: Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application is a CATIA® V5 R21 reference manual directed toward professionals as well as students. To keep the full-color book (about 800 pages) "lean", no tutorials were included in the printed material but will be available to download from the publisher's website. An electronic version of the book will also be available for download.

This publication is the first one of a concept where a manual presents the basics about some popular CATIA® workbenches and where specific manuals, written by industry specialists in various applications will be invited to share their knowledge through distinct books.  Some specialists have already been approached in fields like FEA, NC Programming, Knowledgeware, Tool Design, Aerospace Sheet Metal, Kinematics, etc.

The book covers all the basics about part design, assembly modeling and drafting. This resource also includes information about more specialized topics like surface design, kinematics, FT&A, aerospace sheet metal design, composites design and reverse engineering. It also presents basics about design optimization features like parametric design, powercopies, design tables and catalog creation.

The book contains a very interesting and important introduction to the history of Dassault Systèmes.  This very exciting evolution was written by the man considered by many to be the “father” of CATIA® - Mr. Francis Bernard. He is also a COE Fellow that recognizes his significant contribution to the CAD/CAM/CAE field of knowledge.

CATIA® is a computer language that revolutionized the way designers work and think in relation to evolving computer-related technologies. It allows a faster and better design of complex parts and assemblies and makes them more sophisticated and competitive. - Francis Bernard

This resource is published by McGraw-Hill (0071700269) planned for mid-June 2012. It will be available from both bookstores and the popular websites.

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