'3D Experience Is the Next Horizon After PLM'


'3D Experience Is the Next Horizon After PLM'
Express Computer (India) (05/11/12) Rao, Prashant L.

Dassault Systemes CEO Bernard Charles says the company's 3D Experience vision integrates cloud computing, social networking, virtual reality (VR), and search-based analytics. "The fundamental value is about how we can offer our customers the ability to put the consumer or their customers at the center of the product creation pipeline in a holistic sense including design, engineering, simulation and production," he notes. Charles says the social networking element is essential for facilitating collaboration. "The 3D side is about SolidWorks and CATIA," he reports. "It's also about 3D virtual reality that allows you to create incredible content on the cloud." As examples of how Dassault's customers are utilizing cloud computing, Charles points to industry-specific clouds such as the BoostAeroSpace cloud created by arrangement with European Aerospace. "This is a highly secure private cloud, which is usable by an identified list of companies that are in this sector," he says. "Even if those companies are competing, they know that they are in a secure environment that's governed by European laws for things like IP, from an auditing standpoint, etc., and they know that the data resides in Europe." Charles says the uniqueness of Dassault's V6 platform resides in the fact that it is the only platform to combine all the aspects of 3D, VR, search-based analytics, and social. "It brings together all of our solutions," he asserts. "Earlier business users couldn't play with CAD/PDM. Now they can view a model in a Web browser and play with it."

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