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Playing TAG in CATIA V5

Tagging has been around for a while now. Tags are nothing more than keyword used to describe data. People have used it to categorize things like images and web pages. So, if you had a picture of your vacation to Alcove with your cousin Jimmy, you could tag the images from that trip with those two keywords : “Alcove” and “Jimmy”.

What would this get you? Well, consider how vast your image library is. It probably contains images from multiple vacations or projects. Using the tags “Jimmy” and “Alcove”, it would be really simple to retrieve only the images from this entire collection that are of Jimmy in Alcove. If you only used the tag “Jimmy”, you could retrieve all the images of Jimmy.

Now, lets take this idea into the CAD world. Lets say you have a rather large assembly. You’ve been tasked with making an outline drawing; so, you only care about the instances that can be seen from the outside. If these parts have been tagged with the word “EXTERNAL”, you would be able to search for them using that tag.

Or maybe one of your preliminary designs has to go through a major rework because one of your suppliers is no longer an option. If you tag the parts with the supplier names, it would be really easy to find al the parts in the assembly from that supplier.

I’ve created two programs that can accomplish this. Both programs are available in the COE SHAREWARE LIBRARY.

The “AssignTags” program assigns tags to the part that is currently open in its own view.

The “TagSearch” program searches for tags in an assembly. It has two options you can play with


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