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Session Title: Why Move to V6?
 Tuesday, October 9; 10:00 am CDT/11:00 am EDT

Speaker: Jim Strawn, Cessna Aircraft

Session Abstract 
Given the current stability and functionality of CATIA V5, why would a company want to move to V6?  The underlying business structure of multiple PDM systems, CAD Management Systems, Document Management Systems and multiple disconnected systems leads to inefficiencies, multiple data entry and inflexibility when attempting to implement new business models.  This presentation will discuss the business drivers that lead to the necessity of implementing V6.

Speaker Bio
Jim is a graduate of the University of Minnesota in Aerospace Engineering. He has been involved in the Aerospace field for 26 years, the last 21 of them at Cessna Aircraft in Wichita. He has 16 years of experience using CATIA V3& V4, and has been using V5 actively since June, 2000. He is currently a Sr. Engineering Specialist for Engineering Processes, and is heavily involved in the migration to V5 at Cessna Aircraft. He is a two time winner of Top Gun (in both V4 and V5), participated in the First Annual PLM Olympics on the winning team, and has been awarded the COE Award of Merit. He is past co-chair of the Composites and Sheetmetal DPC, DPC Manager for Product Life Applications. He has been on the Board of Directors for 5 years, and has served as Secretary, and is currently Treasurer.

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