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Session Title: How to Integrate PLM and Accelerate Manufacturing Development
 Tuesday, October 23; 10:00 am CDT/11:00 am EDT

Speaker: Eric Rogge, Exalead and Bryan Winston, Dassault Systèmes

Session Abstract 

Are missed delivery deadlines a challenge within your engineering team? Is there too much re-design when existing work can be reused? Find out which technology other engineering teams is using to gain more value for existing, proven designs to meet deadlines and improve product quality.

Improve product, project or component reuse with the ‘Intelligent Information for Design’ application from Dassault Systemes EXALEAD. ii for Design indexes design files, specifications, test data and other engineering information to deliver a single access point for R&D, manufacturing, process, tooling and other engineering roles, improving their ability to meet deadlines while reusing best designs to improve quality. Current customers of ‘ii for Design’ see break even on their investment arriving within 6 months of deployment.

ii for Design’ realizes the long term value of proven, best product designs with innovative computer science:

  • Uses semantic search instead of simple key word search to find ambiguously tagged and identified design and other files in your PLM, PDM and content management systems.
  • Use modern rapidly assembled web app user interfaces to deliver continuously adaptable enablement to your engineering teams

Business value assessments of current projects show millions of dollars recouped from the following benefits:

  • Enhanced re-use of existing information, parts, materials, documents, formats, standards
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness of both creators & consumers of information
  • Reduced non-value-add time for creators and consumers of data and documents
  • Smoothed knowledge transfer as teams and new employees start and move between projects

Speaker Bio

Eric Rogge brings 20 years of marketing, sales and development experience in the database and business intelligence software market. Currently, he is Sr. Director of Marketing for Exalead where he is responsible for market operational and product development in the US.

Bryan Winston has a twenty year background designing and implementing enterprise discovery and content management solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. He is currently employed by DS as a System Architect. 

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