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Session Title: Programming Machines Smarter and Faster with 3D Lifelike Simulation
Date/time: Thursday, October 25; 10:00 am CDT/11:00 am EDT
Speaker: NC Kishore, DELMIA Industry Solutions

Session Abstract 
Machine programming has almost always been a process that relied heavily on trial and error.  Experienced programmers have certainly been able to reduce the cycles required to get a machine working optimally, but unneeded scrap, rework and project delays are almost always expected.  It’s time for manufacturers to leverage the advancements in 3D and lifelike simulation to plan, detail and optimize their machining activities. Through tight integration of machine tool simulation with tool path definition, NC programmers can now identify and solve problems earlier at the NC programming level. A single, secure environment from design to manufacturing enables enhanced collaboration and easy lifecycle management. Full associativity with a product’s design and powerful machining automation capabilities can dramatically reduce NC programming and program optimization time. A 3D environment delivers a lifelike experience as NC programmers create, optimize and validate their machine programs in the context of the physical machine.

Attendees of this session will learn how this technology can save time and optimize processes by linking engineering and manufacturing knowledge in the context of the machine simulation. They’ll learn how to increase machine quality and performance as well as collaboration between teams and disciplines across the extended enterprise. They’ll hear how these technologies can ultimately reduce scrap and rework, and shorten the full manufacturing process.  

Speaker Bio
NC.Kishore is responsible for the Dassault Systèmes DELMIA digital manufacturing worldwide solutions portfolio, which covers robotics, ergonomics, resource design & planning, process planning, simulation and virtual controls and commissioning for the small and medium-sized business market.  Prior to this role, he served as Manager for 3DS DELMIA Machining Solutions where he was responsible for designing end-to-end machining solutions offered to the global aerospace and automotive industries in line with digital manufacturing.  He has been part of the DS organization since 1997.  NC has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, holds a diploma in marketing and is currently pursuing his masters of business administration at Michigan State University.  He is a regular presenter at technical conferences.

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