Submit Your Speaker Submission for the COE 2014 Annual Conference and TechniFair

COE invites you to submit a session proposal for the 2014 COE Annual Conference, next Spring in Southern California. Now is your chance to present among the best of the best and provide the COE community with your expert insight and experience.

The COE Conference Committee reviews all proposals and you will receive a status notification for your submission in December.

Interested in submitting? Please click here for directions.

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COE 2014 Not just CATIA

July 9, 2013 05:38 PM by Mike Clare

 COE is not just CATIA anymore if you have submissions that are DELMIA or 3DVIA specific consider submitting your request as well. The COE community is growing and prtfolio of products being discussed and covered at COE is also growing,

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