Education & Training Committee

by Colleen Kennedy 

Many of you as COE members have attended an annual conference or have been part of one of the web ask-the-expert sessions. As you know, the people that organize and recruit for all these events are volunteers like yourself. As volunteers we have decided to take a little time to help this group that serves all of our member companies and organizations. In our normal jobs we are engineers, designers, IT professionals, value-added resellers, academic instructors and engineering managers. There are no special credentials that qualify you to be a COE volunteer, just a desire and a commitment to help.

The COE Education and Training Committee was founded in 2007 with the goal of organizing all the hands-on training for the annual conference and choosing the content relating to training methods. There is a separate Academic Committee chaired by Prof. Michel Michaud that manages the issues related to Academic Institutions.

The Education and Training Committee volunteers come from different backgrounds and as Committee Chairs they advocate for a full range of conference content across many industries. We read all the submissions for the annual conference to select the sessions we think will best support the training for you, the COE members. Like you, many of us use CATIA Version 5 in our daily work, but are expanding our knowledge about Version 6 applications to understand the future transition better. We try to support this transitional period with conference content aimed toward V6 while recognizing the ongoing need for V5 knowledge.

Our volunteers enjoy being on the forefront of new product developments and are often speakers and trainers at conference events as well. This association with other members helps build professional relationships we all draw on later during the year. One of my favorite traits is the equality volunteers give each other. There is no special status or rank within our organization, just different sorts of jobs we perform.

During the annual conference we get a lot of help from the technical staff of Dassault Systemes America to configure, ship, set up and maintain all the computers used for hands-on training. They also are available during each training session to handle any hardware or software problems that may arise. This is a very experienced group and with their help we have a smooth training experience.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about volunteer opportunities with COE,

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