COE Certification - New to 2014!

COE Certification Program  


New this year at the COE Annual PLM Conference and TechniFair, COE is offering a new certification program to provide users, vendors, consultants and students with a globally valuable index for measuring and promoting their knowledge and skills within the PLM ecosystem. 


COE's certification program provides a hands-on standard measure of DS PLM product knowledge and enables participants to assess their skills against market norms.


The certification program also offers valuable feedback on training programs by providing a quantitative before-and-after measurement of trainees' acquired skills.


COE's certification is only offered at COE's Annual PLM Conference.  Registered attendees can take the test at a discounted price of $99.  There will be an onsite rate of $149 for those who are only participating in the certification and not attending the Conference.


Learn more here! 

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March 3, 2014 03:04 PM by Santosh Kumar

Please strongly consider providing us with a 3Dconnexion Space Navigator ( or allow us to bring our own.  It will make our lives easier.  Especialy when working with profiles or doing anything where we don't want to have to break continue of operations with the regular mouse.

Exam Content

March 3, 2014 03:06 PM by Santosh Kumar

Will it strictly be on Part Design using Part Design and Sketcher workbenches, or will there be any surface and wirfeframe workbench material and will be required to work with assemblies in the Assembly workbench?

Preparation Materials

March 7, 2014 03:56 AM by Santosh Kumar

The Certification for CATIA Users section of the COE CATIA V6 Certification page ( states “Optional preparation includes the DS CATIA Companion Tool.”.

How do students using the student edition of CATIA gain access to the “DS CATIA Companion Tool”, which is presumably the Dassault Systèmes Companion Learning Space ( which is referenced in the Certification for V6 Users ( page?

What other preparation is recommended?

I'm currently using the following:

And am considering:

Is there any other recommended preparation?  Dimensions and/or specificatins for the sample part picture provided?  Any other samples that we could attempt to practice creating?

A single part example is an insufficient datapoint to gauge what level of complexity will be expected from us since not all parts utilize all possible features.

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