3D Design Going to the Cloud

"3D Design Going to the Cloud"
Flight Global (11/19/2013) 

In mid-November, Dassault Systèmes Chief Executive Bernard Charles made a big push for the company's efforts to bring its 3D Experience platform to the cloud. Starting in January, Dassault plans to make 3D Experience tools available to users as a cloud service, eliminating the need for the software to be installed on in-house computers. Speaking at a conference in Las Vegas in November, Charles said that Dassault had taken great pains to ensure that 3D Experience will operate as smoothly and responsively as an online service as it does when installed on local machines. Charles also said that offering 3D Experience as a cloud service will allow Dassault to provide several new services to its North American and European users. Key among these services is the ability of partners at different geographic locations to work on product simulations simultaneously. Charles also noted that the cloud version of 3D Experience will be able to handle very large amounts of data spanning product life cycle. "We are seriously connecting the dots," said Charles.

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