Inside a Beating Silicon Heart

"Inside a Beating Silicon Heart"
Forbes (01/06/14) Muller, Joann

Dassault Systèmes has developed technology capable of creating a 3D view of the electrical impulses and muscle-fiber contractions that allow the human heart to work. By using a 3D model of a heart doctors may one day provide better treatment and care for patients. The ability model a heart in 3D is a part of Dassault's plan to rebuild itself as “3D experience company” with programs that have applications in several industries. In 2013 Dassault combined Catia, Simulia and Enovia, into a single 3D Experience Platform. Doctors say the next step involving the 3D software is developing personalized 3D models. Doctors would start with a model of a normal heartbeat, then modify it to reflect the behavior of a patient’s heart. Doctor's would be able to observe any damage and detect how it affected the heart. That information could then be used to recommend treatment options.

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