Solid Works 2014 Looks to Improve User Experience

"Solid Works 2014 Looks to Improve User Experience"
Design News (10/14/13) Atwell, Cabe

The latest version of Dassault Systèmes' SolidWorks software, SolidWorks 2014, includes numerous new and revamped features aimed at improving the user experience for engineers. One new feature is the ability to smooth splines so as to optimize their geometry. Other new features include a scaling tool that allows users to change the dimensions of any part of an object and a lasso tool that allows users to outline and select parts. New features and improvements have been made to mating features, including a new smart mate mechanism that prevents parts from automatically trying to snap to different locations as they are dragged around. SolidWorks 2014 also includes updates to Circuitworks, metal designs, and simulations. These include the ability to control stiffening of ribs on designs and improved corner treatment creation. Updates to Circuitworks include the ability to examine the thermal properties of a PCB, and a flow simulation for mechanical designs that allows engineers to test pre-stress and residual stress within their designs. Another major new feature is a history function which actively tracks changes made to a design including information on what parts have been manipulated, when, and by whom. 

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