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Greetings COE members! I hope you all enjoyed your summer - I for one was actually able to take three (separate) weeks off, for the first time in years. But just as students are back at it now, we need to get back into COE after enjoying the last couple months. To me that means - submitting my abstract for a presentation at the COE Annual Conference in Charleston next April. The 'call for speakers' has been open since the close of our last conference in Anaheim, but I hope most of you have been busy travelling, camping, surfing, sailing, or doing whatever you enjoy almost as much as presenting at COE for the last few months. Believe it or not, the conference is only 7 months away, so be sure it is on your calendar, in your budget, and you have submitted the abstract for what you want to share with the rest of the membership.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we love having new exhibitors at the TechniFair every year; if you have "discovered" a new product or service provider that works with any of the Dassault Systemes solutions, including the newer BIOVIA, GEOVIA or Exalead brands, be sure to let COE HQ know about them, so we can be sure these prospective exhibitors have plenty of time to budget for and attend the conference as well.

There are several long-standing members that may have attended their last Conference in April, as they are considering retirement or transitioning to a new phase in their careers that may not be involved with DS products and solutions. I have spoken with some of these folks about coming to Charleston for their "Jeter-like farewell tour", but expect that most will not make it there. Just as our companies are losing valuable knowledge and experience when this happens, COE loses quite a bit as these expert volunteers no longer provide us all with their wisdom. So, if you are one of these individuals (you know who you are), and you wish to remain anonymous because you don't want a lot of 'hoopla', let me say THANKS for all you have done through this short blog entry. There is no way that COE or I can pay you back for all you have given us. Good luck and stay in touch as you move on to other endeavors.

Bob Deragisch 

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