3D Experience Discovery Panel

3D Experience Discovery Panel 

The 3D Experience Discovery Panel is now underway, and different from the V6 Panel done last year, this one is designed to be all encompassing. Though teams will deep-dive into the two main areas of design/analysis/process and numerical control, they will work together, taking a design from concept, through manufacturing to a full production model. This will be accomplished while using a completely new interface/environment that comes with 3DExperience15x, recently released by Dassault Systèmes.

To a COE member company, this Discovery Panel provides an opportunity to fully engage the software without spending the resources in preparation, administration, cost of access, etc. while being able to exercise its functionality and service. This Discovery Panel has been a big project in the making, with both COE and Dassault Systèmes investing time and people resources to make this a success.

With the move to 3D Experience from V6, there are a few key things the panels are looking at:

  •  User interface, processes, roles and applications, services and cloud infrastructure enhancements with increased social collaboration
  • Shift from V6 code customization focus to streamlined functionalization in a software as a service package, including more data and utilization of the applications. This is a major change for companies who do not have the dedicated resources to devote to writing, updating and managing large amounts of custom code or would need to bring in a 3D integrator.
  • Licensing designed to cover a broader set of activities that users need to accomplish in industry-specific domains.  Access to select roles directly from the user interface embedded directly within the software. Examples of roles include: creative designer, project manager, and stress analysis engineer or process planner.

The Discovery Panel will report the results of their independent analysis of the 3D Experience to COE members in early 2016. To build the most informed discussion and make this report a true indication of what companies are interested in hearing about, please submit your own questions or areas you would like the Discovery Panel teams to consider to Keith Horton mkhorton@nordam.com. Ex) How will my licensing in V6 change in 3D Experience?


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