COE Participation at DSCC2011


COE Participation at DSCC2011
David Aber - COE Board of Directors, Fellow (with collaboration of the DSCC2011 Conference COE Attendees)

Dassault Systemes Customer Conference (DSCC2011) was held in Las Vegas, November 8-9, at Caesars Palace. In attendance at this North Americas Premiere Selling event were several of your COE colleagues.  This event, with primary focus to Executives and Managers, features a program filled with product strategy and customer referential aimed at the business decision makers.

Keith Horton – COE President, Bob Deragisch – COE President Elect, Tim Enns - Mfg Division Manager, Kevin Albers - Digital Manufacturing Chair, Michel Michaud – Academic Community Chair, and Jonathan Scott – Social Media Coordinator all independently attended. Embedded in this article are some of the insights gained through COE’s active participation in DSCC2011 Activities.

“Through this comprehensive participation at DSCC, the COE Board of Directors and key volunteers are establishing an informed position to approach the operation planning of our combined event at DSCC 2013” - Aber

These insights will be particularly useful as we begin the process of evolving our COE Annual Conference to the DSCC venue beginning in Fall 2013. This approach will focus DSCC traditional program on Vision, Product Strategy, and Customer testimony.  The COE program will continue to focus on the User Perspective - experience sharing, education, and maintain our organization’s theme of “Making it Work”.

DSCC2.pngDay 1 - DSCC2011 began with a visionary exchange from Bernard Charles, President and CEO Dassault Systemes. Charles also introduced Monica Menghini, EVP Industry to the DSCC attendees. Menghini stressed the importance of understanding the industries you choose to serve and the voice of the Customer. The morning continued with vision and strategy supported by V6 Customer testimony.

“One particularly exciting aspect to Al Bunshaft's opening comments at DSCC was his direct praise for what COE has provided to its member companies over the last 27 years.  He also recognized that COE was traditionally CATIA that has evolved to a User Group working with Dassault Systemes  in supporting and educating users on all DS brands." – Deragisch

Day 1 - Afternoon included the Industry Breakout Sessions where Dassault Systemes, VARs, and Customers presented their projects.  These projects focused on the V6 Solution. The industries represented were Aero / Federal, Transportation and Mobility (Automotive), Consumer Good-Retail, Consumer Package Goods-Retail, Energy/Shipbuilding, High Tech, Industrial Equipment and Life Sciences.  A Reception hosted on the Technology Showcase highlighted the Day 1 evening activity. All of the DS executives were on hand to meet and mingle with the exhibitors in the Showcase.

Day 2 - The general sessions continued with a good mix of strategic Dassault Systemes presentations and informative customer testimony on their projects.  The afternoon breakout sessions were reserved for Brand Topics. These tracks included CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, SIMULIA, 3DVIA and also Exalead, 3DSwYm.

DSCC3.pngHorton: COE participated at the DSCC2011 - Technology showcase. This was a golden opportunity for COE to interact with new and prospective customers for DS PLM Suite of products.  Attending this part of the conference also allows COE to interact with some DS customers, who may not be traditionally part of our membership base. There are also industries or new business markets represented that DS is engaging.   It was very exciting to speak with many new potential COE members, and share with them the benefits of being a COE member. Having several of our current community chairs on hand to add more insight and personal experience was invaluable. I am very happy to report that we were successful in these discussions in the technology showcase. Our membership will be growing, with the addition of some new members that we met through participation in DSCC2011 Technology showcase.

Our team also took this time to interact with several new VARS.  COE is always looking to expand the offering channel and add value to your membership.  If we can find a VAR that we feel is a good fit for our membership, we are interested to add them to our COE’s User community.

"Many people were really surprised to learn that COE is a “User Group”- run by Users, for the Users.” - Horton

DSCC4.pngMichaud: Participating in DSCC presented the opportunity and access to significant number of Dassault Systèmes representatives. This venue provided the able to quickly connect to the people related your specific points of interest. During the conference, I was able to meet the new North American Academic Programs - Lead and begin building a relationship with COE Academic Community. We were able to achieve his integration to the COE Academic discussions on a regular basis.  This handshake arrangement will promote both the DS Academic Programs and our own COE Academic Programs. The integration of this key DS resource will become very important to the Academic Community migration from V5 products to the V6 Solution.

"A great opportunity to get many Dassault Systèmes key players in the same physical site and to meet the right person at the right time" - Michaud

It was also interesting to be exposed to some product educational offerings from Dassault Systèmes. The DS Learning - CATIA Companion and E-Sim courses related to V6 will assist students and instructors to learn more about their DS product functions.

In my overall summary as an academic user, DSCC tends to be more related to the corporative side of industry that it DSCC culture. The COE technical approach continues to address and serve the needs of the Users of these industries.

For more information on COE’s Academic Community please contact

Albers: The DSCC Brand programs on November 10 included presentations from Dassault Systemes outlining their software capabilities. These sessions also features customer presentations detailing their application of various Brand products. In the DELMIA Brand Session, Philippe Charles, CEO DELMIA, started the program by explaining how DELMIA has adapted to support global production. 

This session was followed by Gustavo Borba Guimaraes explaining the Digital Factory they have implemented at Embraer across the engineering and manufacturing development cycle. This effort has created added value for their Legacy 500 product line. Nathan Mike presented the Boeing 787 Program initiative to provide 3D work instructions to the shop floor. This session highlighted the benefits provided by combining this with their standardized work instructions. This was followed by Tom Crawford’s presentation detailing how Honda uses their Virtual Verification System to help identify manufacturing issues earlier in the product development cycle.  This is the point of the process where issues can be corrected more affordably.  Finally, Patrick Michel - VP DELMIA Solutions and Marketing concluded the session with an overview of the DELMIA solutions within the V6 PLM platform. This closing presentation included the efficiency impacts available by integrating the engineering and manufacturing data into a single PLM platform.


“These Brand sessions also included how their solutions have been implemented at several companies to achieve and improve both productivity and profitability” - Albers

Scott: DSCC2011 certainly demonstrated Dassault Systemes’ interest in all things social. This interest and activity began in advance with their sponsorship of the Collaborative Innovation website ( leading up to the event.  This interest continued with their choices of speakers during the event.  For example, Francois Gossieaux spoke about the human side (Human 1.0) of social innovation and why Twitter might not be the future of product definition.  However, gaining insights from groups of customers (communities) certainly will be the future.  Stephen Shapiro entertained the crowd while making the point that "innovation breakthroughs" are not typically the work of experts working within their field - and that they require much more creativity.  Dassault Systemes is making its own push into the social media software space with the introduction of the 3DSwYm (3D See what You mean) brand.  From the selected speakers to the introduction of this new brand, it is clear to the conference attendees that Dassault  Systemes is  interested in how "social" is going to be used/needed by its’ customers in the coming years.

Away from the overtly social messages, DSCC2011 was also well attended by some of the popular press and social media personalities in the PLM space.  Some lively conversations and session summaries could be found under the #DSCC11 hashtag on Twitter.  Also a number of popular Twitter users were covering the event, including Oleg Shilovitsky (@olegshilovitsky), Deelip Menezes (@deelip), Jim Brown (@jim_techclarity), and yours truly (@jonathanpscott).  Additionally, Dassault Systemes showed off the very "human" side of the company with a number of nods to their educational partnerships and efforts related to non-profit and socially-conscious causes. 

“Maybe I am just a geek at heart, but Legos + CATIA + electro-mechanical simulation = awesome!" – Scott

As a vendor (RazorLeaf) of the Dassault Systemes ecosystem, my favorite moment from the event was listening to Dr. Tom Collins of Georgia Tech describe his projects was planning to use Legos and the unique architecture of V6 product line to teach product development to globally distributed teams. 

DSCC6.pngEnns: The DELMIA Industry Conference was held on day three immediately following the DSCC conference.  This conference was organized by industry.  The two industry paths were  Automotive / Industrial Equipment  and Aerospace / Shipbuilding / Defense.  I was a Speaker and active participant in the Aerospace path. All the sessions were run by a DELMIA Brand Track Moderator throughout the entire day.  This moderator was Bob Brown – DELMIA.  The track consisted of both user’s presentations and DELMIA Product specific sessions.  The users presented on how they are employing DS DELMIA products within their own company’s usage with some showing testimony on how these products are saving time and money.  My presentation was, “Robotics Research and Implementation at Hawker-Beechcraft”. The DELMIA specific sessions explained what the software was used for with some real-life experiences on some deployments throughout the world either using examples of both V5 or V6 level of code.

"This brand specific conference was very informative and gave an insight on what is to come” – Enns 

The presentations came at a moderate pace (30 minutes intervals) with lots of information available for the participants to absorb.

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