Austin N.C., Inc.
Austin N.C., Inc.

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Austin, TX 78752-3739
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Contact Phone: 512-458-1112
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Industries in which you participate:  Aerospace & Defense,
Transportation & Mobility (Automotive),
Consumer Goods & Retail (Furniture, Fashion, etc.),
High Tech (Electrical & Electronics),
AEC (Plant Design/Architecture & Construction),
Shipbuilding (Marine & Offshore),
Industrial Equipment/Fabrication & Assembly,
Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail (F&B, Cosmetics & Healthcare),
Life Sciences,
Financial and Business Services (Banking and Insurance, Retail and Wholesale, Telecommunications, etc.),
Energy, Process & Utilities

Austin N.C., Inc. is committed to providing the best software and support in the manufacturing industry.  Our G-Post postprocessor development tool and the APT System are used by many premier manufacturing companies worldwide.  We are the inventor of the G-Post™, a generalized postprocessor which allows for the generation of output to control any turning, milling, wire EDM, or other NC/CNC machine tools.  Our goal is to provide quality products, services, and support to our customers.  We have over 30 years of experience in the CAM/CNC industry and are located in Austin, TX, the "high-tech" capital of Texas.