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Anark Corporation

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Industries in which you participate:  Aerospace & Defense,
Transportation & Mobility (Automotive),
Consumer Goods & Retail (Furniture, Fashion, etc.),
High Tech (Electrical & Electronics),
Shipbuilding (Marine & Offshore),
Industrial Equipment/Fabrication & Assembly,
Life Sciences,
Energy, Process & Utilities,

Anark has focused for more than 20 years on Connecting Systems and People to a Digital Thread of information and in doing so, we extend the value of existing customer investments in systems such as 3D EXPERIENCE, in addition to all major CAD, PLM, ERP systems and customer authoritative technical and business data systems.

With Anark, manufacturers and government organizations are able to realize new levels of engineering and supplier collaboration, manufacturing operational efficiency, and field service optimization. In the defense world this is often accomplished with Anark's industry leading solutions for 3D PDF based MIL-STD-31000B compliant Technical Data Package (TDP) documents. The same type of technical and business content can now be accomplished with Anark Cloud that offers fully scalable solutions with web content management including customizable interactive templates, custom metadata schemas, flexible user authentication and access control, faceted search capabilities, and content-aware digital rights management (DRM), with full traceability for compliance as hosted on-premise or in a secure cloud infrastructure.

Come talk to Anark about how we can enable your Digital Transformation and together with the 3D EXPERIENCE platform, we will make your people more productive through a more connected and collaborative experience.