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CoreTechnologie, the innovative software manufacturer, with locations in Germany, France, the USA, Japan, and Great Britain was founded in 1998, to provide CAX software solutions across wide-ranging industries. Each year, CT invests more than 30 percent of sales revenue back into research and development of new cutting-edge technology. The company consistently optimizes its product portfolio and continues to secure technological leadership in the area of conversion software.

Key products include 3D_Evolution® which guarantees the efficient and lossless exchange of complex data structures between independent and heterogeneous CAX software solutions. With extremely powerful native interfaces for all leading CAD systems and for conversion of all common 3D formats, this module ensures optimal interoperability. 

As well as providing visualization of manufacturing data across most platforms, CT’s products offer excellent results for automatic data correction, feature-based conversion, geometry optimization, quality control, and long-time archiving of complex 3D models.  CT also offers a popular software development kit; software components for software manufacturers for most current CAX applications.

CoreTechnologie’s portfolio is comprised of more than 600 companies and millions of users worldwide from the automotive, aerospace, engineering, and consumer goods industry who are, often, the quality leaders in their respective segments. With four outstanding products and pioneering technology, CoreTechnologie is the only provider of interoperability 3D printing software that develops all products in-house and thus independent from any third-party components and technology.

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3D_Evolution®, 3D_Analyzer® and 3D_Kernel_IO® are registered trademarks of CT CoreTechnologie Group