COE 2021 Digital Twin Virtual Workshop

The Role, Benefits and Challenges of the Digital Twin for Digital Transformation

9 AM PDT on September 29 and 30, 2021

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In the ever-increasing world of product complexity, the need to develop, maintain and innovate new products is crucial for corporate success and in some cases, survival. The enablement of Digital Twin capability should be a key element of any company’s Digital Transformation initiative that provide responses to changing operational conditions, might it be for their product or system in operation or for a service that is being provided. Businesses will not be competitive in the long run without this capability.

Simulation has been in the forefront for most businesses and industries for quite some time. But the push for “Digital Transformation”, which is a myriad of new thinking and development in the areas of data and lifecycle management, throughout the entire ecosystem, can present many unforeseen challenges,

Megatrends that are being experienced, such as electrification, autonomous capabilities and MaaS (mobility as a service) in the mobility sector, play a significant role. In addition,  society is demanding better and effective usage of such new capabilities, such as the Digital Twin, for improving the quality of life. This improvement may include smart communities or health care, or to improve the way we make use of our natural resources in a sustainable way. The current Covid-19 pandemic is exponentially accelerating these directions.

This virtual workshop on “The Role, Benefits and Challenges of the Digital Twin for Digital Transformation”, provides the participants insight how various industries approach and make use of the Digital Twin, and what challenges and benefits they see in applying such capabilities. The discussion topics cover a wide range of industries and domains, such as the mobility sector, smart cities, health care and industrial machinery applications.

Frank Popielas and Prof. Michael Grieves will keynote this workshop. 


Day 1 Keynote Session – Frank Popielas, SMS_ThinkTank LLC - 45 minutes

The Role, Benefits and Challenges of the Digital Twin for Digital Transformation

Day 2 Keynote Session – Prof. Michael Grieves (Florida Institute of Technology)

Digital Twin Evolution - Driving Digital Transformation

More Confirmed speakers: S A Sundaresan (Ashok Leyland), Gianluigu Baldesi (European Space Agency), Don Wu (IABG), Allen Kerbow, Dassault Systemes; Steven Levine, Dassault Systemes; Jonathan Bjerke, Dassault Systemes

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